911 Demon Image

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Demon image or Satan's Face? Perhaps you have seen the email with the photograph of the World Trade Center burning, while in the midst of the smoke, the face of what appears to be some demonic being emerges. Is this in fact a demon image? Apparently, there are two photographs of the so-called demon: one from CNN, and the other from a freelance photographer. I have checked some sources, and apparently the images were untouched.

There is a phenomenon that describes seeing images in randomness, similar to the "face on Mars" or images in clouds that roll by on a blustery day. To say that the image is the face of Satan is somewhat dramatic, but the images in this case are nonetheless disturbing. My take on it is this: Face or no face, we all know that evil caused the events. Having a demonic face in the smoke is no revelation as to the magnitude of the event.- Michael Vincent Emazing Strange Truth Of The Day

If there was ever an appropriate place for aimage of this type it would be here. The suicide hijacking& bombing of the world trade center is nothingless than cold blooded murder. The bibleclearly states that Satan was a murderer fromthe beginning. A demon image? Why not?

No Demon Image but good explanations for the the Islamic evil of Terrorism

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