Biblical Truths That Explain The Supernatural World

The Bible is the key to understanding life and its many mysteries. This verse sums it up: "While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2nd Corinthians 4:18.

The above verse tells us that an unseen world influences the world that we see, live, and breath much more than most people would want to admit. We will explore supernatural happenings based on biblical truths.

We will explore the world of ufos,ghosts, satan, heaven, hell, God, demons, angels, near death experiences, witches, sorcery and more, all from a Biblical standpoint. As we explore you will learn that the unseen world indeed controls what we do see.

Ephesians 6 states "11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."

Current Events From A Biblical Perspective
Commentaries on world events from the viewpoint of the Bible and Bible Prophecy.
An Unseen World's Mission
An Unseen World's mission statement
Daily Bible Readings
Daily Bible Readings and Audio Message
Do Miracles Produce Faith?
Can Miracles Produce Faith?
What is the doctrine of grace?
What are the benefits of the doctrine of grace?
Are there Zombies Mentioned In The Bible?
Could there be zombies mentioned in the Bible? The answer may surprise you.
Wicca: The Dangers
The dangers of wicca.
Wiccae Good Witches or Satanic?
Exploring the reasons why Wiccae are not what they seem.
Channeling Spirits - A Spiritual Trap
The inherent danger of channeling spirits.
Reincarnation: What Does The Bible Say?
Reincarnation: Fact or Fiction?
Astrology: What Does The Bible Say?
What does the bible and science say about astrology?
Vampirism and The Cross
The parallels between vampirism and the cross of Christ.
Ouija Boards and The Bible
A discussion of Ouija Boards
What is the 11-11 phenom?
Is the 11-11 phenom real? What does the Bible have to say about it?
What is Remote Viewing?
Exploring the possible dangers of remote viewing.
What is Death?
What is death? What happens when we die?
Life after Death: What does the Bible teach?
Biblical proof of life after death.
Inside Heaven A Sneak Preview
Taking a look at what is inside heaven for believers in Christ.
Heavens Gate - Do You Have The Key?
Will heavens gate open for you?
The Near Death Experience and The Afterlife
Are the near death experience and the afterlife connected?
Did Nostradamus Predict The Fall Of NY's Twin Towers?
An examination of the prediction of the fall of the twin towers.
End Times what does this really mean?
Does the term end times mean the end of the world?
Bible Prophecy: The Proof of the Validity of the Bible
Does Israel and Bible Prophecy validate the Bible?
Who is Antichrist?
What or who is antichrist?
Earthquakes and The Bible
A look at earthquakes and the Bible
What is 1948's connection to Bible Prophecy?
Many extraordinary things happened in the year 1948. Why is 1948 such a pivotal year for Bible end time prophecy? This was certainly an amazing year.
Are You Rapture Ready
What does the phrase Are You Rapture Ready mean?
What is Armageddon?
Mark Of The Beast
What is the mark of the beast?
The White Horse Of The Apocalypse
Who is the rider on the white horse of the Apocalypse?
The Red Horse Of The Apocalypse
Who is the rider on the red horse of the Apocalypse?
The Black Horse of the Revelation
Who is the rider on the Black Horse of Revelation?
The Pale Horse of The Apocalypse
A study of the Pale Horse of Revelation
The Fifth Seal of Revelation
A study of the Fifth Seal of Revelation
Mark Of The Beast and The Return Of The Nephilim
How doe the return of the Nephilim relate to the coming Mark of the Beast?
Samuel's Ghost and the Witch of Endor
The Bible story of Samuel's Ghost and the Witch of Endor
Are Hauntings Really Caused By Ghosts?
Hauntings & Ghosts...Demons or Dead People?
Is Jesus God?
Is Jesus God? What does the Bible Say?
The Mystery Of The Bible: How Did We Get It?
Examining the mystery of the bible and how we got it.
The Bible Mystery or Not?
The Bible Mystery
Who were the Nephilim?
Who were the Nephilim of Genesis 6?
How Did Moses Provide For The Israelites?
An amazing look at the provisions provided for Moses in the wilderness.
What Are Angels?
Angels play many roles in the Bible. What role do they play in your life?
Balaam and The Talking Donkey
A study of Balaam and the talking donkey.
What is the Rapture?
what actually happens during the rapture
The Bell Witch
An introduction to the legend of the Bell Witch.
Nome Alaska Abductions
Some spiritual lessons from the so called Nome Alaska abductions.
What is Satanism?
Answers the question, what is satanism?
History of Satan..
A bible study on Satan and who he is..
Know what a demon picture looks like?
Showing you how to get a good image of a demon picture.
Satan: Super he really in hell?
Satan, aka super unlooper, is he in hell?
Jesus's Demon Encounters
Discussing the demon encounters with Jesus
Demon Possession: Can It Happen?
A study of demon possession
Hell..Is it a myth or a reality?
Is Hell a Phrase Used Just to Get People to Attend Church?
My Name Is Legion
A study of Jesus's encounter with a legion of demons
Demon Image Or Just Coincidence?
The world trade center pictures of a demon image?
Origin of Demons
The origin of demons who are earthbound.
Exorcism: A Study
A Study of Exorcism
An Effective Healing Prayer
How to do an effective healing prayer
Sean Sellers: Satanist, Murderer, & Christian
An antisatanist testimony from a satanist.
Sean Sellers: Anton Lavey's Influence
Anton Lavey's influence on a killer who repented.
Amber Bousman Satanist Christian
Amber relates how she turned from Satanism to Christianity.
Tim's Testimony
Good and evil fight for control of Tim's mind.
From Shaman to Christian
The testimony of how a practicing Shaman became a Christian.
Testimony of a Former Psychic
Testimony of a former psychic
Dinosaurs and the Bible
A look at how dinosaurs and the bible are related.
Is Job's Behemoth a Dinosaur?
Is the behemoth mentioned in the book of Job a dinosaur?
Cryptozoology: Rare Creatures & The Bible
Cryptozoology: Looking at rare creatures from a biblical perspective.
Are Unicorns Real?
Are Unicorns real simply because they are mentioned in the Bible?
What is Purgatory?
Explaining the meaning of purgatory.
Snake Handlers and the Church
Snake Handlers and the Church
Was Virgin Mary mother of Jesus divine?
Discusses the topic of whether the Virgin Mary mother of Jesus is divine.
Catholicism vs. Christianity
The catechism of Catholicism teaches a different doctrine than the Holy Bible.
Sex and The Bible
A look at sex and the bible.
Cloning:Danger Ahead
A biblical look at the danger of cloning
The Story of Halloween
A look at Halloween and Christianity.
Is There Life On Other Planets
One possible answer to the question is there life on other planets.
Amazing Facts Concerning Jesus and Santa
We celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmastime but we tell our children about Santa Clause..Here are some amazing facts concerning this.
Concerning The Da Vinci Code
Commentary on The Da Vinci Code
Cremation or Burial? What Should A Christian Do?
Cremation or Burial? What should a Christian do?
Do UFO exist? The Bible Gives Us Clues
Do UFO exist? A Biblical explanation.
UFOs and Psychics, How are they connected?
How are ufos and psychics connected?
How are ufo and the bible connected?
The occurences listed which connect ufo and the bible
Modern Day UFO Stories
Modern day UFO stories
What is a Messianic Jew?
What is a Messianic Jew?
Shema - A Jewish Prospective on Being Faithful
A study of Hebrew word Shema
Rabbinical Wisdom: A Jewish Prospective
A Rabbi imparts his wisdom on being a Messianic Jew
Paid To Click - The Programs That Pay
Free income with paid to click programs
The Best Free Traffic Generators
What free traffic programs should you join?

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