Paid To Click and Other Free Programs You Can Earn From

There are many paid to click programs on the Internet that promise free income but the fact is most are worthless. The programs I have listed below are all free to join. However, in many of them, you make more money by upgrading and referring others.

MindField - What's On Your Mind? is a quality survey site that pays you for completed surveys (minimum $1.00) and enters your name into a sweepstakes on surveys you do not qualify for. Taking surveys and clicking on ads is not exactly free income, you do work for it a little bit, but it is risk free.

Paid To Click/Paid To Read Sites

You can't make much more than a little spending money with get paid to programs but you will make money. You make more money with a paid to click program when you upgrade and have many active referrals. One strategy is to join multiple paid to click programs and use the collective earnings from those programs to upgrade in one and only one paid to click program.

For example if you were a member of 20 get paid to programs and earned only $1.20 per month from each program that would equal $24 per month. You can easily upgrade in a get paid to program with that without any out of pocket expense.

When you have reached your maximum earnings potential in one paid to click program then you choose another to upgrade simply by using your earnings.

After a few months, you are making some pretty good spending money and you have never invested a dime out of your own pocket.

One thing you will need if you join a get paid to program is a way to get paid. The payment processor called Payza is probably the best processor to use for click ads for money programs.

Grand Bux - This is the newest get paid to program that has come out that did not fade away after a few months. This one has very many ads you can click on to earn money.

Neobux is a program that pays well if you have a lot of active referrals. If you don't have a lot of referrals, you can actually work your way up to an upgrade by trading in the points you have earned for clicking on ads. When you have earned 30,000 points, you can upgrade to a pro membership for a year by trading in those points. You have many more ads to click on as an upgraded member.

Clix Sense Is THE Best Paid To Click Program

ClixSense - This paid to program has well over 1 million members and has been online since 2007. The best way to make money with this program is to pay the small yearly upgrade fee and refer as many active members as you can. There are several ways to earn with Clix Sense such as performing tasks and taking surveys as well as clicking on ads. This one is a must join.

Inbox Dollars - This program has over 3 million members. There are a number of ways to earn with this site. You can get paid to do searches, complete offers, and print out manufacturers coupons to use at your local grocery store. Pays very promptly by check.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click

World Linx has been around for a long time but it is somewhat confusing as to how it works. It does pay on time.

Click Here To Join No Minimum Payout

Donkey Mails has been around for years and offers multiple ways to earn income. Pays out at $1.00.

Click Here to Join Donkey Mails

Link grand is a well established paid to program that offers both budget advertising and a good get paid to program.

Click Here to join Link Grand.

Bux P Has been around for quite some time also. This PTC program has always paid promptly. The only thing I haven't liked about the program is you have to post in their forum your payment proof in order to get paid again.

Buxvertise This program gets a lot of good ratings from sites that rate paid to click sites. The ads you click on are low in value though, but it pays.

Jills Click Corner Lots of low paying ads to click on. Has always paid me on time every time.

Clix Ten Has many ads to click on and has a low payout of $2. A good program to help fund an upgrade in of the better get paid to programs like Clix Sense.

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