Paid To Click and Other Free Programs You Can Earn From

There are many paid to click programs on the Internet that promise free income but the fact is most are worthless. The programs I have listed below are all free to join. However, in many of them, you make more money by upgrading and referring others.

MindField - What's On Your Mind? is a quality survey site that pays you for completed surveys (minimum $1.00) and enters your name into a sweepstakes on surveys you do not qualify for. Taking surveys and clicking on ads is not exactly free income, you do work for it a little bit, but it is risk free.

Paid To Click/Paid To Read Sites

The paid to click websites have evolved. Most of the websites now pay you to take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, and perform tasks. There are still some programs that pay you for clicking on ads. This page changes every few months as programs change and some programs just disappear. I try to list the better paid to click programs that are out there.

Clix Sense Is THE Best Paid To Click Program

ClixSense - This paid to program has well over 1 million members and has been online since 2007. This program use to pay for clicking on ads, but now it pays you to take surveys, complete offers, and perform tasks. Of all the free get paid programs out there, I have made the most money with this one.

Inbox Dollars - This program has over 3 million members. There are a number of ways to earn with this site. You can get paid to do searches, complete offers, and print out manufacturers coupons to use at your local grocery store. Pays very promptly by check. This program has paid me the second most money of this type of program that is out there. No Minimum Payout

Donkey Mails has been around for years and offers multiple ways to earn income. Pays out at $1.00.

Click Here to Join Donkey Mails

Link grand is a well established paid to program that offers both budget advertising and a good get paid to program.

Click Here to join Link Grand.

Jills Click Corner Lots of low paying ads to click on. Has always paid me on time every time.

Here are some programs that are not paid to click but good affiliate programs.

Freedom Dollar This program only costs $1 per month to join, its product is advertising, and you can potentially earn over $25,000 a month from it.

All In One Profits is an affiliate program that provides you with the necessary tools to promote other programs. It also pays you to refer other people to All In One Profits.

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