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You will need an autoresponder to be successful with free traffic exchanges. When the surfer visits your squeeze page and requests more information then the messages should go out automatically. All successful marketers use an autoresponder. All the gurus say the "money is in the list". A "list" is simply a group of people who agree to receive more information from you via email.

To see an example of an autoresponder capture page I use Click Here

Which one do I use? I prefer Traffic Wave because it has been online since 2001, is cheaper than the other autoresponders ($17.95/month), gives you unlimited autoresponder campaigns, has a very lucrative money making plan in place simply just for referring others, and is a product just about everyone who is on the internet needs or can use.

Ad Kreator

Ad Kreator - You must use a splash page and promote yourself when you use the free traffic exchanges. You can join Ad Kreator and create a free splash page. If you upgrade, you can make as many splash pages as you like. Remember the splash page is designed to catch a visitor's interest so they will request more information. An autoresponder and a splash page are your 2 most essential tools in the traffic exchanges and safelists.

Free Traffic Exchanges

There are hundreds of free traffic exchanges and it is impossible to join and use them all so how do you decide which ones to use? One thing to look for is an exchange that has a huge membership base so more eyes see the page you are promoting. Another thing to look for is an exchange that will pay you commissions for referrals who upgrade whether you are an upgrade member or not. Here are some of my recommendations.

EasyHits4U - This traffic exchange has the largest membership of all so this is a must join site. Perks of this site is you earn from referrals surfing and you also get a small amount of income from your own surfing. You also get commissions from referral purchases.

Hot Website Traffic - This traffic exchange shares its profits with its members, offers commissions on referral purchases, and gives out a lot of credit and cash prizes for active surfers. One of my favorite traffic sites.

Traffic Tornado This program lists just about every good traffic exchange there is. Traffic Tornado is a referral builder for the traffic exchanges you are a member of and will also get referrals for members of traffic exchanges that you are not a member of.

Traffic Ad Bar is the ultimate FREE website traffic generator.

Hit to Hit This free traffic exchange is consistently rated one of the best performing traffic exchanges online by groups who rate the effectiveness of a traffic exchange. This one is a must join for quality visitors to your website.

Safelists - A Great Source For Free Traffic

Safelists allow you to email your offer to thousands of prospects with the click of a button. You can join safelists for free but purchasing solo ads are the most effective way to use safelists. You will need an email account to receive the massive amounts of emails you will receive when you join a safelist. I use Gmail as you can create multiple accounts with Gmail. I have a Gmail account to receive my normal email and another one just to receive ads sent by safelists. You will need to periodically clean out your inbox in your email account that receives these safelist emails. Here are some of my recommendations.

Ad Tactics - Another way to get traffic to your site. You can earn credits by clicking on other members ads or you can buy solo ads or pay for an upgraded membership. You can even add banners to this site that will rotate throughout the system.

List Building Maximizer is another good safelist that you earn credits from by clicking on ads or you can upgrade and send out ads to more recipients. The key to safelist advertising is simply to consistently send out mailings as often as you can.

Elite Safelist - This is a good safelist which is credit based. You can join for free or have the option to upgrade. Earn commissions from referrals who upgrade.

Free Traffic

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