What Are The Dangers of Wicca?

A former practitioner of Wicca turned Christian helped me greatly with this page. Others who practice this religion have visited this page and were greatly offended by it stating that I don't understand them at all.

This is what I know about this religion of witchcraft. They are nature worshipers, they do cast spells, and they honor a god and goddess. What is written below was given to me by a former practitioner who wishes to remain anonymous.

1. Wicca says 'do what thou will, and harm none.' It revolves around spell casting that Wiccans believe is akin to 'prayers.' There is a big difference in between spell casting and praying. Casting spells is forcing ones will on other people, manipulating them and their circumstances, and controlling other people and their circumstances, for their own good. They are literally forcing their will to happen in the circumstances.

This is opposite of what Jesus said in the Lord's prayer,"Father Thy will be done." Jesus said to pray the Fathers' will to be done, since God is the only being that is everywhere all the time, and all knowing. God is the only one that can know what is best for everyone in the circumstances in which they find themselves. God will allow us to go through difficult times to prepare us to benefit others as well as ourselves at a future date.

2. A Wiccan will say "We don't do evil with our power" or "Black witches will do that stuff..we're into white witchcraft".

Statements by Wiccans, such as, 'I don't do evil, because it will come back on me three fold,' has not been a deterrent for them from doing evil, especially since they do not believe, in most cases, that they are doing any kind of harm.

The issue here is this: any spell is controlling another person or situation to bring forth our own will. They are not allowing God's will to be done. Wiccans will admit to love spells controlling other people, yet will justify casting spells for things such as an apartment that they are wanting, or the like... not considering that there may be a rapist living next door to that apartment, or some other unexpected bad thing. This happens because humans are not all knowing and therefore we should ask for the Fathers' will to be done as in what Jesus said to pray, and not force our own our will to be done.

3. When wiccans say that 'we don't do evil with our power,' what they are really saying is that they could do evil if they so chose. There answer to that is that if they do evil that it will come back on them three fold... and that is the only deterrent for 'getting even,' or doing black witchcraft.

The real issue here is why would anyone serve a deity that would allow them to do evil if they so chose to. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob says that He will turn His face from us if we do evil. This God, the God of the Jews, does not empower anyone to do evil. In order to do evil one has to go over to the enemies side. In Wicca, why does their goddess and god give them the power to do evil if they chose to do it? Would an all knowing being give the lesser intelligent creation the power to do anything that they chose, good or evil? No, an all knowing being would not. It would be like giving a 5 year old a gun and telling them to not harm anyone!

God allows us to do evil, as he does not force His will on us, but he NEVER empowers us to do it. Some Wiccans believe that the creators (goddess and god) had to have created evil also since it exists.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, did not 'create,' evil. Evil is simply anything that is outside of His will. He is not duel in nature, 'there is no shadow in His turning,' as He never sins and has NO evil in him. Evil was the result of not doing His will, or rebellion against His will. He gave us the laws of Moses to know what His will was, and if man committed any of the forbidden acts, it was then considered evil since it was not God's will for it to happen.

4. If nature was god, then there would be no environmental hazards to fight, because nature would be able to heal itself. Nature is the creation and not the creator, therefore, it cannot heal itself.

5. Many see Wicca as a religion that has been the most discriminated against. It has become a mentality among Wiccans to constantly degrade the Christian faith, because they feel that they are suffering extreme harassment from Christians and this gives them a martyr mentality. Christians have suffered more persecution than any other religion that has ever existed, and much of it was from goddess worshipers. The goddess worshipers of Rome nailed Christians onto crosses, writing sidico above their heads which means heretic. The crosses stretched for miles and miles outside of Rome, on every road. The crosses were taken down every three days and new ones put in their place. They forced Christians to fight each other to the death in their coliseums for their own sick amusement. Bringing the persecution up to more recent times, the twin towers in New York were destroyed because the United States was perceived to be a Christian nation by radical Muslims. Communist China captures and kills Christians on a daily basis. Many countries will not allow Christians to gather in a building on Sunday morning.

The bottom line is this: Jesus Christ (who is God that became a man) died on the cross so you and I might have eternal life. This is the ultimate truth and no one who is living a lie (that would include practicing Wiccans) wants to hear the truth. If you believe that a cow jumped over the moon then you would be just as well of as a Wiccan dressed in women's Halloween costumes.

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