Nome Alaska Abductions

Nome Alaska abductions is the conclusion that the movie "The Fourth Kind" draws explaining the disappearance of some of its citizens. The movie is presented in such a way that you would believe there is no other possible explanation except for "alien abduction". In reality, the movie is a well crafted piece of fiction.

Let's examine some of the claims that the movie made about the so called Nome Alaska abductions. One claim made during the closing of credits of the movie was that the FBI had investigated over 2000 disappearances in this area since the 1960s.

Is this true? states, "But between the 1960s and 2004, there's a total of 24 people who mysteriously vanished in Nome, Alaska."

Now 24 is a far cry from the 2000 cases mentioned in the "The Fourth Kind". The FBI did investigate these disappearances and, according to various websites, concluded, "excessive alcohol consumption and a harsh winter climate" were to blame for the disappearances.

Alaska is the state that has more missing person cases than any other state in the union which is logical because it has a vast wilderness with much wildlife and an extreme climate so getting lost in Alaska could easily result in death and the disappearance of your body.

There are some aspects of the Nome Alaska abductions as depicted in the film that are worth a second look because what the film really depicted was demonic possession as opposed to alien abduction.

Each patient of Dr. Abigail Tyler, the psychiatrist the movie revolved around, had to undergo "hypnotic regression therapy" in order to remember their so called abductions. Hypnotism opens a person to the power of suggestion and a person may say and believe about anything while under hypnosis. The danger of this is that there are real, evil, spiritual beings who could invade a person's mind while under hypnosis.

When a person comes out of a hypnotic state and starts making claims that are contrary to what the Bible teaches, then you have to be wary of what may be going on. Many subjects who have undergone hypnosis believe they have lived many lives in the past but the Bible clearly states, "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment" Hebrews 9:27 The doctrine of reincarnation is reinforced by hypnotic regression but is completely false according to the Holy Bible.

Now we have a movie that depicts hypnotic regression and would have you believe that the Nome Alaska abductions was a real event.

The film depicted a man killing his family then committing suicide. He was one of the patients of Dr. Abigail Tyler who later was "abducted" herself and understood why the man did what he did. It was because of the overwhelming feeling of "hopelessness" the man felt when his life was intruded upon by this "not of this world" being. These beings were supposedly responsible for the Nome Alaska abductions.

I firmly believe that most suicides and murder suicides would never have happened if there had not been some evil oppressing force behind them. Most of these type of crimes are usually done under the influence of alcohol or drugs which alters the state of mind. This also opens the mind up to the influence of evil cosmic forces which we commonly refer to as demons.

During one scene of the "The Fourth Kind", Abigail listened to a playback of a recording in which the entity that "abducted" her claimed to be God. Dr. Tyler stated that this entity could not be God although he could claim to be. This is very interesting because the Bible teaches there is an evil entity who wants to be worshiped as God. The Bible calls him Satan.

The Bible clearly teaches that one day in the near future the world will worship a man who is empowered by Satan and this man will claim to be God. In fact the Bible teaches that Satan will completely possess this man after he is killed and raised from the dead by Satan himself.

When Jesus first walked on this planet, demonic activity did increase exponentially. I think we may be seeing that today as the return of Jesus seems to be getting closer everyday.

Did the Nome Alaska abductions really happen? No. However, what this film does is prepare the minds of the people that there is a possibility that unseen forces could snatch us away unwillingly at any moment.

Could Satan be preparing the world for a strong delusion? There is going to be a mass disappearance of people at some point in the future. Bible students call this event "The Rapture". Even some people in Christian circles believe "The Rapture" to be a fantasy.

When the Rapture occurs, the people that are not taken will want an explanation. "Alien abduction" would technically be true but not in Nome Alaska.

Copyright 2010 by Gary Goodworth

Alien Intrusion: A Biblical explanation for the Nome Alaska abductions

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