Life On Other Planets

Amazingly, most of the Christian world (about 75% of them) does not believe in life on other planets. Since the Christian God is; the creator of the universe, the giver of life, without beginning or end, and an infinite being, it is very surprising that most Christians don't believe in life on other planets. But they do believe they will have an eternal life in a place other than planet Earth. I am one of those who believe that not only is their life on other planets, that life is probably of a much higher quality than life is here on planet Earth.

Why? Because Earth has a sin problem. Everyday you see death and decay. Every local newspaper has an obituary listing. That means great numbers of people are stepping out of time into eternity each day. The cause can be traced backed to Adam and Eve when they chose to believe Satan's lies rather than God's truth. That choice put them and all of mankind under Satan's authority.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, there is life on other planets (maybe even just like us). Now let's say that this life doesn't have a clue to what sin is and have never been separated from God. They live in perfect harmony with God. They would have no desire to come here if they knew what a sin infested planet Earth was.

What would our reaction be if we knew a spaceship had landed in the middle of town? My guess is we would react like sinners would react: with mistrust, suspicion, and selfishness. If we had the minds of Christ, we would probably receive these visitors with great joy. We would try to find out what they needed for comfort and what they liked to eat and we would do our best to provide for these strangers. Imagine putting up visitors from outer space in the best suite of the local hotel and making sure they were fed if we were able to feed them. Why? Just because they dropped in to say hello.

As sinners, we would greet these visitors with weapons at our side. We would be very fearful that they had come to do us harm (as many sci-fi movies suggest). Our minds would be full of questions and devious plots. What do they want? Have they come to take a spoil? Are they monsters? Do they mean us harm? Can we capture them and hold them against their will? What can we learn from them? How would they react to torture?

My guess is that planet Earth is isolated from the rest of the intelligent universe precisely because we have a sin problem. I think God may be using us as an example to other worlds just to show how bad things get when you are tainted by sin. We may be and probably are a warning to other worlds who have not fallen to sin. This may well be the very reason our space probes and satellites will never succeed in finding intelligent life. This life wants to keep separated from us. it is also possible that there is no life out there.

There is also the possibility that we are not the only world to have fallen to sin. There may be other planets whose life forms were given a choice to serve God or Satan and chose to serve Satan (or some being like Satan). Would you want the denizens of another sin scarred planet to visit us? I think we have enough problems.

Is there life on other planets? Since God is an infinite God, it is my belief that there are many, many life forms in the universe. If a single cell contains a billion electrons, just imagine what the universe contains. Romans 1:20 states For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse. The universe that you see in the night sky is a testament to the creative power of God. Some scientists believe that the Universe was created specifically for man.

Is there life on other planets? God wouldn't be God if there wasn't. It may be that some of the planets and life have yet to be formed. In other words, if there no life on other planets now, there is going to be.

Copyright 2003 by Gary Goodworth

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