What is the 11-11 Phenom?

What is the "11-11 phenom"? Recently I was made aware of a phenomena called 11-11 and a group of beings called Lightworkers. This was all news to me as I spend a good deal of my time reading and studying the Holy Bible and commentaries and articles about passages in the Bible as opposed to seeking "experiences".

What is this 11-11 phenom thing all about? Apparently a large number of people are finding the number 11 popping up frequently in their daily routines. They look at a clock as they are crossing a downtown street and the the time is 10:11. They set the alarm for 4:11. They find some coins on the ground. It is a dime and a penny or 11 cents. The number 11 just seems to keep popping up in their daily routines.

They believe this is not just coincidence but this number must have some kind of special significance. They have come to believe the number 11 is what "angels" are using to let humans know that they are present. To rationalize their belief they point out that even the name of Jesus Christ has 11 letters in it. This is why it is referred as the 11-11 phenom.

How is the church connected to this 11-11 phenomena?

There has been a movement in the church for a number of years to experience God in the physical realm. People respond to a worship service with tears and laughter thinking that because they had that kind of a response, they were filled with the spirit of God. It has even gone so far that if you don't speak in tongues, then you haven't received the baptism of the Holy Spirit which, incidentally, occurs at the moment of salvation. The tongue speaking should be referred to as a "filling of the spirit". The movement is all about a physical experience. People have confused emotions (which belong to the physical realm) with spiritual things which belong in an unseen spiritual realm. They are not the same.

Just because you had an emotional response to God, doesn't mean you had a spiritual experience although a spiritual experience can be emotional. The best way to have a spiritual experience with God is to spend time reading and studying His Holy Word and praying. The result is that your spirit and God's spirit will harmonize with each other.

Many Christians neglect this fellowship as they do not spend much time reading the Bible or praying.

It seems to me that the 11-11 phenom is a result of the power of suggestion. This suggestion seems to be coming from the spiritual realm but is it really from God? Or is this just another supposedly physical experience that people believe to be coming from God?

A Biblical Point of View Of The 11-11 Phenom

It is clear to me that the whole 11-11 phenom thing is connected to spirit guides which is just another name for channeling spirits. These are evil spirits not angels. Evil spirits work by deception so they pretend to be light bearers but they are beings of darkness and have deceived many.

Look at all the occultic beliefs connected with the 11:11 phenom.

* They believe that there are 1,111 spirit guardians.

These "guardians" asked for 11:11 to be their sign when digital clocks were developed. If you get the 11:11 prompts, it means you can communicate with them. They would rather talk to you than continue with obscure signs. This is supposed to be the source of the 11-11 phenom.

How does the prompting work?

* Your mind is external from your brain. Spirit beings can put a thought into your mind to get you to look at the right place at the right time to see a prompt.

How to develop 2 way communication.

* Meditation with intent. (A new age teaching which opens your mind to demonic influence or suggestion.)

It is obvious that the 11-11 phenom thing is very much connected with spirit beings who want to commune with you. The Bible has a name for this. It is called possession.

These beings referred to as "guardians" are also known as "Lightworkers".

From sources on the internet, "Lightworkers are people who have chosen to seek spiritual knowledge and have made the choice to do their part to assist Earth and Mankind in their ascension.

Lightworker is a term given to those who are actively on the spiritual path. Not all Lightworkers are starseed or walk-ins and not all starseeds and walk-ins are Lightworkers. It is when the individual makes the conscious choice to begin their spiritual path and assist others that they become a Lightworker."

In other words, forget what the Holy Bible teaches about how to draw close to God. You can find spiritual knowledge in alternative ways. This is a deception that all religions are guilty of: trying to find a path to heaven without the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. Where does this deception come from?

14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works. 2 Corinthians 11

Notice the fairy tale involved with the Lightworkers legend. "Not all Lightworkers are starseed". What is a starseed? According to one website, a starseed is a being walking around in human form but they are not human.

There are stories in the Bible which have angels appearing in human form. In fact one verse states, "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." Hebrews 13:2

There are the angels of God and there are fallen angels who are evil, who can, and do deceive human beings. Therefore a "starseed" is just another term for an angel.

Another statement that was made was "Not all Lightworkers are walk-ins". What is a walk-in? One website explains that "Walk-ins" are people from other dimensions who have walked in to the body of a person here on earth. In all cases there is a contract made before the host, the original soul, is born for this to occur.

Other dimensional beings that walk in to the body of a person on earth sounds like something from the world of science fiction and fantasy but the Bible has a name for this also. It calls this demon possession. Notice the fairy tale that accompanies the fairy tale. "A contract is made before the host, the original soul, is born". Where did this information come from? How can it be verified? This is just a rationalization or excuse to justify demon possession.

The 11-11 phenom is very much connected to end times deception and that should come as no surprise because the Bible says, "4 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. Matthew 24:24

Because of great signs and wonders, deception will be the rule as we approach the return of Christ. It goes on to say that even the elect would be deceived if it were possible.

Would not the 11-11 phenomena be classified as "signs and wonders"? Isn't it obvious that the terms Lightworkers, Guardians, Walk-ins, and Starseed are just cover names for what is actually evil angels or spirits whom we call demons?

Don't be fooled by the 11-11 phenom. Lift up your head and watch. Your redemption draweth near.

Copyright 2009 by Gary Goodworth

The website I quoted from was from http://www.nibiruancouncil.coml

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