Free Traffic: Programs That Get Traffic To Your Site For Free

You will need an autoresponder to be successful with free traffic exchanges. When the surfer visits your squeeze page and requests more information then the messages should go out automatically. All successful marketers use an autoresponder. All the gurus say the "money is in the list". A "list" is simply a group of people who agree to receive more information from you via email.

Build A Biz Online is an excellent, inexpensive autoresponder. It also provides many other marketing tools as such as link trackers and banner creators.

Free Traffic Exchanges

There are hundreds of free traffic exchanges and it is impossible to join and use them all so how do you decide which ones to use? One thing to look for is an exchange that has a huge membership base so more eyes see the page you are promoting. Another thing to look for is an exchange that will pay you commissions for referrals who upgrade whether you are an upgrade member or not.

TE Command Post - is an excellent tool for managing and increasing your credits in 999 traffic exchanges. You can join at no cost but you get more benefits by upgrading. Since most traffic exchanges will pay you commissions on referral purchases, you can track all of the commissions due you from one source. Upgrade to a club membership in Traffic Era and you will be upgraded to a premium membership here as well.

Traffic Era is one of two foundational programs used by TE Command Post. If you become a club member of Traffic Era, you are also upgraded in TE Command Post, Tezzers Traffic Power, Dragon Surf, Instant Banner Creator and TS Syndicate. Traffic Era has a program that will promote your splash page in multiple traffic exchanges.

Traffic Splash is the other foundational program for TE Command Post. By surfing Traffic Era and Traffic Splash together, you will earn many more credits.

Tezzers This one of the traffic exchanges that participate in the club membership of Traffic Era. If you upgrade to club membership in Traffic Era, you will automatically be upgrade to premium membership in Tezzers. Premium membership gets a lot more credits in the traffic exchange as well as a shorter timer.

Dragon Surf This traffic exchange also participates with the club membership in Traffic Era. If you have a club membership in Traffic Era, you will get a premium membership in Dragon Surf as well.

Traffic Syndicate 25 A well established traffic exchange that has been providing free traffic for years. If you upgrade to a club membership in Traffic Era, you will also get a premium membership in this program as well.

Instant Banner Creator Create your own banners and stand out from the crowd. Upgrade to a club membership in Traffic Era and you will get a premium membership in this program. This means that you can create as many banners as you want.

EasyHits4U - This free traffic exchange has the largest membership of all so this is a must join site. Perks of this site is you earn from referrals surfing and you also get a small amount of income from your own surfing. You also get commissions from referral purchases.

Members Rule has over 200,000 members and a short timer based upon your membership level. It is a source of traffic that you should put on your priority list.

Hot Website Traffic - This traffic exchange shares its profits with its members, offers commissions on referral purchases, and gives out a lot of credit and cash prizes for active surfers. One of my favorite traffic sites.

Traffic Ad Bar is the ultimate FREE website traffic generator.

Hit to Hit This free traffic exchange is consistently rated as one of the best performing traffic exchanges online by groups who rate the effectiveness of a traffic exchange. This one is a must join for quality visitors to your website.
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