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These UFO stories are taken from newsletters that I subscribe to. I cannot vouch for their accuracy..just read the be the judge.

UFO story #1 - Africa, the great enigma. It's where many believe humankind first struggled to its feet. And it's the birthplace of great plagues, like AIDS and the Ebola Virus that threaten one day to bring humanity to its knees. But for for Maki Tswana of Somalia, Africa is where even the darkest of nights holds hope for the future. Maki is a farmer, an exercise in supreme optimism in a land of drought and dust. And it appeared his small plot of beans and potatoes would once again dry up and blow away until the night sky was split by a light from above.

Awakened from a fitful sleep beneath a leafless tree, Maki was riveted by the strange sight of a conical beam of yellow-green light approximately two kilometers in diameter. Emerging from a height Maki estimated at 11 kilometers (about 33,000 feet), the cone of light raced over his tiny plot. For the next 30 minutes, it then swept methodically back-and-forth across an area of about 250 square kilometers before disappearing suddenly, like someone had flicked off a switch.

By morning, Maki's dying crops had revived, as if from a soaking rain. Other farmers reported that plantings bathed by the light grew normally until harvested. Without receiving additional water. Miracle from the heavens? Or promising sign that visitors from outer space have become concerned about the conditions that plague the Dark Continent? Enough to beam life-giving light from a UFO? Only further sightings will allow us to tell.

Full Moon UFO

An incredible UFO as bright as a full moon was sighted recently in the night skies over Rock River, Wyoming. Paul Ayers, 38, and his 19-year-old son said a fireball-like object rose straight from the ground while they were on a fishing trip. "It illuminated the whole neighborhood," said Ayers. University of Wyoming astronomer Allyn Smith was with a group of 60 people at the university's Jelm Mountain observatory when he saw the dazzling UFO. "I would estimate it was almost as bright as the full moon," Smith concurred. The case is being investigated by the National UFO Reporting Center.

Lin Bing Xiang was enjoying the movie when a scream echoed throughout the crowd. But the terror of thousands didn't have anything to do with what was taking place on the screen. "They're coming for us," a woman near him cried.

Xiang, a doctor, looked up to see a pair of bright, cigarshaped objects rushing towards the audience at lightning speed. His throat clutched. Would he ever see his wife and child again?

...Wait just a second, you're probably saying. Dive-bombing UFOs in a MOVIE THEATRE? No way! But the huge audience for this film was packed into an outdoor stadium, a common practice in China, where few conventional theaters exist. And it was a warm summer night and everyone was engrossed in the popular film "The Delta of River Danube," until the brilliant objects lit up the night sky.

Suddenly, the movie became unimportant. Lin and his companion, Chen Cai-fe, a cop, were knocked to the ground as the polite audience became an out-of-control mob. Fear wrapped its arms around thousands of people as the UFOs bore down upon them to unleash--perhaps--some unknown weapon.

"Those are not Chinese aircraft. They are not like any planes I have ever seen," Chen, a former military officer, called to Lin over the horrifying din. With great effort, both men clawed their way to a small clearing from which terrified spectators had already fled. A few minutes passed before Lin was willing to uncover his head. All was peaceful in the night sky above. The UFOs had fled. But below him, thousands still battled at the exit tunnels, too frightened to realize that all was clear. When the dust finally settled, one man was dead and many others injured.Chinese authorities never revealed the nature of the unidentified flying objects. Whether they knew anything about them and simply chose not to tell the public, is another question. Hundreds of such sightings have taken place, from one end of the country to another. Small wonder that a vast majority of Chinese believe UFOs are a fact. Can one billion Chinese be wrong?

Mr. P writes: "My wife and i were followed by a UFO IN October 2004 at around 1am in a very rural part of Cheshire England.I sent emails out across the world at the time.It was on our car, next to, and over our car before ascending up into the clouds.It came out of a cloud of trailing opake vapour, light came down from a toroid of vapour spinning around on the ground then up into the air.The entity came out of the middle of the wheel of vapour on to our windscreen and stopped our car because we couldnt see through the windscreen.It then changed its appearance to having rainbow like patches spinning around the outside.This defied all laws of Physics.It created electrical disturbances locally at the time,it stayed with our vehicle for about 5 miles.The truth.

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