What is Remote Viewing?

What is remote viewing? It is the idea that a person can view or perceive objects, places or people not in range of the person's senses. It is also called "remote sensing".

The CIA spent millions of dollars over the course of several years researching the validity of this phenomenon. After all, if some people really had the ability of remote viewing, they could become superspies without having to risk capture by an enemy country.

The CIA tried very hard to validate remote sensing as a skill that could be employed by them. The program was discontinued as the CIA determined the program had no practical value to the intelligence community.

The practice of remote viewing is still practiced by some people. Personally, it is my belief that remote sensing is just another form of self deception similar to the way a magician tricks his audience into believing they have witnessed an act of "magic".

What does the Bible say about this subject? It shouldn't be too much of a surprise to learn that there is no mention of it as remote viewing is a modern day term for a practice that resembles what the Bible calls divination.

Divination, according to Smith's Bible Dictionary, is a "foretelling future events, or discovering things secret by the aid of superior beings, or other than human means." It is used in Scripture of false systems of ascertaining the divine will. It has been universal in all ages, and all nations alike civilized and savage.

We see similarities in the definitions of both remote viewing and divination. "Discovering things secret" was the whole point of the CIA experiment. They called the project Stargate.

I have no doubt that some people have actually accomplished the feat of viewing objects that were miles away. These people believe they simply have unlocked their "psychic" abilities.

It is taught in scripture that the closer we get to the revealing of the "Antichrist" or "lawless one", the more supposed miracles and wonders will take place. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 2 Thess. 2:9

Is remote sensing just one of the many lying wonders and signs that will come upon this planet in the coming years?

The website International Remote Viewing Association claims that the act of remote viewing is a science not a "psychic phenomena". They conclude their page with these words: "RV is not really a "psychic phenomenon" as such, but actually an imposed discipline or skill that helps the viewer to facilitate or "harness" his or her own innate, underlying psi abilities. Some RV theorists think that formal RV methods are really just strategies that help the viewer to more successfully and reliably access the subconscious, where it is most likely that information obtained from RV first emerges into human consciousness."

Although they claim this to be a science, pseudoscience would be the better classification. The application is to access information that is hidden. The danger is that the discovered "hidden" information could be totally false leading to a series of problems and misunderstandings.

The CIA abandoned its research on the pseudoscience of remote viewing or sensing. Those who do still practice this are treading in dangerous spiritual waters because the source of their answers could be either heaven or hell and they have no way of knowing.

For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. 2 Cor. 11:14

Better to be safe than sorry.

Copyright 2009 by Gary Goodworth

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