The third type of near death experience is a “hellish” experience. The poor souls who experience this get a taste of what hell is like. They literally have gone to hell and back. These people don’t like the taste. The last place they want to be is in hell. Imagine their relief and gratitude when they get a chance to come back from hell. Although on the surface this may seem like a very negative adventure, it almost always resultsin a positive change with the person who has this type of near death experience. However, I know one person who had this kind of experience as a teenager. She shrugged it off as being her imagination. It did not change her life.

One Hundred Percent of the people who have had this type of near death experience, say that they deserved to be where they were. Get this...they fully understood why they were in hell. They knew they had made the choice to be there. That's why they are reluctant to talk about it. Their lives are profoundly changed for the better. Why? Because they have caught a glimpse of hell and they don’t want to go back. Winston Churchhill's last words, as he peered into a dark abyss in hisdying moments,were "What a fool I've been!" Churchill was an atheist.

I believe people who experience a "hellish" near death experienceare lucky, because God allowed them the opportunity to get their lives straight so they wouldn’t have to experience separation from God anymore. So why doesn't God allow all unsaved souls to experience a "little hell"? Maybe even "life in hell"wouldn't be enough for some people to accept God.

Finally, there are those who have experienced absolutely nothing, after they have been declared clinically dead. The effects of this type of experience can be either positive or negative.

I heard the story of a preacher who had been in the ministry for 40 years, who “died” on an operating table but was revived. He experienced nothing during “his death”. Because of this, he came to the conclusion there was no God nor afterlife and he completely turned his back on his faith and began to live a very “loose” lifestyle, attending parties, drinking heavily, and bedhopping with women. I can’t help but think that this pastor had committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and that is the only unforgivable sin mentioned in scripture.

I know of another man who died on the operating table and did not have a near death experience. He came out of this experience believing God had spared his life so hecould live a little longer on earth.


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