Tims's Testimony Part 5

At the shop one night, I got talking to Nathan about what certain numbers meant according to the Bible. Just to see if he knew what fours meant. He told me that he had it in a book at home, and he'd call me later and let me know.

On the way home that night he called me on my mobile. “I know what fours mean”, he said. “Four is the universal number”. Wow, I was excited. Four is the universal number, and that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. I asked him where about in the Bible did it talk about it. He went to look it up, but I was outside of my car and getting bitten alive by mossies. I told him to tell me the next day because I had to get home and have a really hot shower.

I read parts of the Bible that night, and I was really motivated to find what I was looking for. I read the book of Revelation first because there is heaps of trippy stuff in there. It just gave a very detailed description to what was going to happen when God judged everyone. I already knew what I was going to tell God anyway. “I had all this weird stuff happening to me, and I heard from so many different religions that I didn't know what one to pick. Surely he would let me into Heaven because of that.

The next book in the Bible I read was the book of Daniel, I didn't get much out of it, but it was a really good story. The next book was the book of John. I read parts of it, then I read about something Jesus said. “I am the light and the truth, NO-One comes to the Father except through me”. It hit me between the eyes. All other religions say it’s the things you have to do to please God and to get into heaven. But Christians always say that you have to invite Jesus into your life, and let him take control of it. There it was, in black and white in the Bible what Jesus says you have to do to “get to heaven”. Man was I really freaked out, I knew I had no excuse before God not to do it. And having just read Revelation, I knew what would happen to me if I didn't accept Jesus.

But how could a drug user let Jesus into their life? Why would Jesus want to have anything to do with someone like that? Drugs were the main thing holding me back, and I knew that if I didn't stop using them that I wouldn't last very long as a Christian, I'd just give it up like all the other phases I went through.

The week before it had flooded. I wasn't able to get into work because I was trapped at home. I got up to look at the creek that morning and realized that I would be stuck at home with everyone for a few days. I wouldn't be able to get back into town to buy more drugs for a while, so I used the last I had that morning knowing I wouldn't get another chance to. I was flooded in for about a week.

When I could get back into town, I couldn't afford drugs because I had no money from the week before. I told Mike that I was thinking of becoming a Christian. That night, Luke came around to the shop, and invited me back to his house after work. We had our first of many late night talks. That Sunday I went to Church, and asked for the Minister there to get me a Bible. The next Sunday I got my Bible, and told the Minister (Ron) that I had been attacked by what I thought were demons, and that I was worried I would get back on drugs. He prayed with me that I wouldn't get tempted to use them again, and he said to use Jesus name the next time I got ‘attacked’. On the Monday night I went to my first Bible study, and met Matt and Jacob for the first time properly.

The next day was my 21st birthday. I had made my mind up that I was going to become a Christian. There was a prayer in the back of my Bible that you say to God if you want to become a Christian. It’s based on what the Bible teaches, but it said to make it personal before God and you. When everyone went to bed, I went into my room and got on my bed and prayed. I didn't even realize that I had the radio on at the time. I stopped praying to turn it off. When I asked Jesus to come into my life, it felt like the world had been taken off my shoulders. I had a sensation in my body, and I knew it was the Holy Spirit coming into me. It’s the most peaceful feeling that I have ever had. That night I had a really good sleep.

The next day I woke up, and I felt like a brand new person. The Bible teaches that when you invite Jesus into your life, that’s who God sees in you. Jesus died as a sinless man. Jesus died as a sacrifice for everyone, so they could be reunited with God. Sin is what separates us from God, but with Jesus living in us, God sees us as perfect, and we can enter into a relationship with him. God isn't some mysterious being who you can't know. He wants you to know him; he wants to be your best friend. God is someone who you can know.

Anytime since then that I’ve had a ‘visit’, I say “In the name of Jesus, leave!” And they do, very quickly too. The reason it never worked before was because even though I believed in God, and Jesus, I didn't know them personally, and back then, Jesus wasn't my Savior. The Bible says it’s not an excuse to believe in God, because even the demons believe in him, but that’s not going to stop them from going into hell.

Looking back at all of this, it’s very easy to see how God had his hand in my life. Even though the things that Satan used to keep me away from God, to look in other places for fulfillment took me in other directions; God was still able to use them to draw me to him.

Later a doctor told me that I was misdiagnosed. I had just had severe depression, and that I don't show any signs of psychosis. Since God has been in my life, the depression left after awhile to.

Now I know that God is all there is to life. He created life. He wants us to know him personally, and to have a good life. Once I was going to Brisbane the next day. My Boss said I'll see you when you get back. I told him, what if I die in a bus crash. He said, “At least you'll KNOW where you'll be going”.

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