Tim's Testimony Part 2

I used to get pains in the joints from my knees downwards for about 5 years. The doctors couldn't work out what it was. I even got blood tests to see if I had arthritis. Very early one morning at about 4am I woke up feeling really good, and had the feeling I could of got up and started my day then. As I was lying in bed I became paralyzed, a light was shinning through my window, and there was a loud buzzing noise outside. I felt myself being lifted up out of my bed, then being put back down. When I woke up later that morning I felt very exhausted, and it hurt to walk.

In the last 2 years of high school, I didn't hide my interest in UFO’s and aliens. That alone was enough to have people make fun of you. There were a few people that I let onto that something might be happening to me, but how could you really tell someone that you thought you were being visited by aliens?

High School finished, I had been accepted into college, and I was cotton chipping at the time to save money. Very early one morning I woke up, paralyzed, and the air was vibrating. There was this thing that can only be described as a mechanical eye hovering over me. This time I felt very scared. The door to the verandah was open, and I saw two being come into the room. They were pitch black, very skinny and had big heads. There eyes were glowing red like traffic lights. They didn't walk into my room, it was more like they glided in. One went behind me where I couldn't see it, and the other one came right in front of me, and looked at me in the face very closely. After about 3 minutes, the other one came back into my view. The one that was standing close to went back a bit, and then they left the room. The whole time I was trying to turn on a light, and scream for my mum. I was almost 18 at this time.

A few nights later, I woke up again, not being able to move. The eye wasn't there, but the black beings came up the verandah, and into my room again. This time there were about 5 of them. Again, one went out of my sight behind me, two of them stood back, and one got right up close to my face again. They left just as they came, and as soon as they had gone, I went straight back to sleep.

A few days later while cotton chipping, I really needed to take a leak. So I sped up a bit so I could get to the end of the row before everyone else and go. I got a fair way ahead of everybody else, but there was someone who was catching up to me. It felt weird, and I didn't know what he wanted. When he got up to me, he asked “What religion are you?” I told him that I was a Catholic. Then he asked “Do you think that makes you a Christian?” I really didn't know the difference then, and other than a few Bible stories, I knew next to nothing about the Bible. I told him that I believed in God, and that’s about all I can remember about the conversation.

There were more Christians out cotton chipping, and God was all they seemed to really want to talk about. I didn't mind it, because I liked hearing what they had to say. I didn't drink, I wasn't into drugs and I wasn't going around chasing girls trying to get them into bed. So I had nothing to fear from them really.

A lady called Mel spent a lot of time talking to me. She started telling me some of the weird stuff that had happened to her. So I told her about the things that had happened to me. She listened with great interest. This was only a few days after my last encounter, and in a way I was looking for answers. She told me that I was being attacked by demons, and that next time it happened, I had to tell them that “Jesus Christ is my Savior, and you can't to anything to hurt me!”

Fair enough, it could be demons. But I had my heart set on these things being aliens from another planet. Being visited by aliens was more exciting that being attacked by demons. Also, I didn't think that it was possible to be attacked by demons, and why would they let me think they were aliens?

A few nights later, I got visited again. The same thing as the other 2 nights happened. I woke up, I couldn't move, the air was vibrating, and then they came into my room. I was really pissed off with this happening to me now. I had no control over this happening to me. I hadn't asked for it, and they never gave me any answers. I could never talk to them verbally, it was impossible, but I knew they could read my thoughts, and I let them know what I thought about them. It didn't even occur to me to tell them what Mel had told me to say to them. My chance came up the next night though.

This time there were seven of them, and I was going off in my mind at them. I was really angry. It hurt just them being in the room. Then I remembered to tell them what I was told to say. “Jesus Christ is my savior and you can't do this to me!” Everything stopped. The buzzing stopped. They all moved back to were I could see them. The one that was always in my face said in a very sarcastic tone “Sorry, but we don't have anything to do with that!” After he said that, I felt defeated, and they just went back to what ever it was they were doing to me. They left, and I never saw those ones again.

So it must not of been demons, they were aliens all along. They didn't say Jesus wasn't real, but they never said he was either. When I moved to Toowoomba for college, I had a bigger access to books on aliens and UFO’s. I was right into it now. They had me believing that they were preparing me for something. All I had to do was wait for what ever time they were keeping me for.

My concept of God started to change as well. After reading dozens of books on the subject this is what I started to believe. Aliens had been visiting Earth for thousands of years. They saw human kind as a very warlike species. To show humans how to love and care for one another, they put Jesus on Earth? Aliens could explain how the Virgin birth had happened. Mary was a virgin, but she still had a child. Maybe the aliens artificially inseminated her. We do it to cattle all of the time. Maybe because Jesus was half alien would explain why he was so wise and why he could also perform all the miracles he did? It would probably even explain how he was bought back to life after he was murdered, and when he ascended into heaven, maybe it was just a space ship beaming him back up?

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