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Encounter With An Unclean Spirit
July 23, 2010

-------Unclean Spirit-------

The term "unclean spirit" biblically speaking, is another name for evil spirit or demon. There are many references to unclean spirits in the Bible.

"And when he had called unto him his twelve disciples, he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." Matthew 10:1 and "For unclean spirits, crying with loud voice, came out of many that were possessed with them: and many taken with palsies, and that were lame, were healed." Acts 8:7 are two examples when the term is used in the plural and there are other references to the singular unclean spirit such as in Mark 5:2 "And when he was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,"

What is an unclean spirit? Mike Miller had this to say about an unclean spirit at Midway Bible Baptist Church.Com "An unclean spirit is simply what the word says, ďunclean.Ē The word means foul, dirty, filthy, defiled. It also means morally lewd and filthy. Someone with an unclean spirit is someone who is morally lewd and filthy. They may be spewing forth filth and lewdness with their mouth, or they may appear to be clean on the outside but fowl and dirty on the inside. It is someone who is unclean in their thoughts and language. It has become such a part of their life and personality that they seemingly canít help it. They canít talk without using filth. They canít think without thinking filthy thoughts. No matter the topic they always end up in lewdness and foul, dirty conversation, and they enjoy and prefer the company of unclean people."

Every human being on earth is born with an unclean spirit and stays with that person until a new spirit is placed within that person and that spirit is the Holy Spirit. One receives that Spirit when one places their faith in Christ and what He did on the cross at Calvary. At that moment the unclean spirit is made clean.

The problem is there is a group of beings called angels who have become unclean spirits and, possibly, the angels offspring from the unholy union of fallen angel and fallen man. These foul beings cannot be made clean because the blood of Christ does not apply to them so they currently roam the earth befouling all they influence and come into contact with.

Because these beings are so foul, they cannot abide the name of Christ because Christ is Holy and darkness flees from the light.

The reason for this introduction to the term "unclean spirit" is the following testimony from a man named Eddie. He was gracious enough to share his story with me and gave me his permission to use it in my Sight Unseen ezine.

-------Encounter With An Unclean Spirit-------

What Do You Think Hauntings Are?: Unfortunately, I don't have to think. I already know that they are demonic, beyond the shadow of a doubt. Even now, because of my faith in Christ, the Lord, I occasionally come across some unholy mischief meant to terrify me. It is an unsettling thing to be the target of an unclean spirit. These spirits look for openings, and I can attest to it.

I made the mistake of listening to black metal music, even after believing in Christ for a number of years, and that's when our household began to have some problems. Due to some relationship problems, I was going through a very dark period in my life, and I used unholy music to help me cope with my aggression and anger. Big mistake. An unclean spirit was attracted to the nature of this music, and it paid a personal visit to me and my wife while we were trying to sleep.

My wife, even in sleep, felt an urge to awaken by an outside source, and she did. Hovering only 2 feet away was an opaque, black shadow. It was motionless by my wife's side of the bed, and it was humanoid in the shape of its silhouette. There were no facial features to see, as its face was utterly dark. It stood, with broad shoulders, roughly 8 feet in height. My wife knew it was looking directly at her, regardless of not being able to see eyes. She sensed it in her spirit. She told me it was the most violating, cold, lifeless stare that any creature could ever muster.

My daughter, due to being scared of the night, was asleep in our room on a little mattress on the floor. Thank God she never awoke for this. My wife was able to take in these details very quickly, due to the shocking adrenaline rush from the experience. It was obvious the unholy spirit was cloaked in darkness. Because of her faith in Jesus Christ, my wife felt no fear of aggression from the demon. The Lord was with her and provided her with divine courage. She prayed instantly to the Father in Jesus' name. The demon tore out of our room like lightning, moving across the wall so quickly, it was hard to follow it with the eyes. They move freakishly fast, and they blur when they do. In a final act of anger, the spirit hammered the side of our bed, shaking it so violently, that I rolled halfway over. It's like having an NFL player plow into your bedside.

It was gone, and we were shaken to the core with puzzlement. God was issuing a warning to me, and my sin was the reason for it. I snapped those CDs so fast and tossed them out, it was like I had a fire in the rear. I asked the Lord for His forgiveness, and He straightened me out. Even after these things, I have still heard shuffling noises in the house, and my wife has heard the occasional growl of a deep-throated voice over in the corner of a dark room. We pray and they leave.

However, because of our unnatural exposure to this realm, unholy spirits don't hesitate to pester us. We know that they know that we know they're there(and so forth). The cat is out of the bag, and we must wage war in prayer against them and their influences. They throw the occasional Christian publication, sitting on our table, onto the floor. We are enemies. They are familiar spirits, as the Bible says. Just think. These fallen angels are influencing world events through national governments. They vie for the hearts and minds of men, so they can possess them to do their bidding. On a more subtle level, the planet's move toward globalism is ample proof of their dealings with our country, as well as others. In finality, I must say the following: DO NOT look for unclean spirits as you will find them, unclean spirits can have their way with an unbeliever, demons can force a possessed person to starve themselves to death as an effective means of suicide, if one ever accosts you, call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, and DO NOT use a Ouija board. God bless all who read, heed, and believe.


There are two new pages at Unseen World. Orley Brock, whose mother is Jewish and whose father is Comanche Indian, has a heart for the lost Jewish people. I have agreed to publish his articles at my website under the heading The Jewish Perspective.

Jesus was born a Jew, all but one book of the Bible was authored by the Jew, and God said that those who Bless the Jew will be blessed and those who curse the Jew will be cursed.

Orley is simply trying to reach the Jews who believe Jesus is nothing but an impostor before it is too late.

The two new pages at An Unseen World are

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