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Sign From Heaven
February 07, 2010

Students of Bible Prophecy are fully aware that the rebirth of the nation of Israel is one of the greatest prophetic signs pointing to the return of Jesus Christ to planet earth to set up His kingdom on Earth.

Yet, many Christians believe that God is finished with Israel because Israel rejected their Messiah when Christ first came to earth taking the form of a man. These Christians believe the church has replaced Israel.

If this were true, then Israel would never have been reborn as a nation. Israel would have ceased to exist. For a nation to retain their identity after being scattered all over the world for 20 centuries is a miracle in and of itself. The Jews have suffered severe persecution since 70 A.D. and now it is the surrounding Muslim countries who hate the nation of Israel and have made no secret their strongest desire is to wipe every Jew off of the face of the planet.

Bible students understand this hatred stems from satanic or demonic influence. It is Satan who wants the Jews destroyed because without Israel then God cannot fulfill his prophetic promises.

After Christ died on the cross and was resurrected, the church was born 50 days later on the day of Pentecost. The church and Israel coexisted between 33 and 70 AD. Israel ceased to exist when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and a few years later there was one final revolt by the Jews against Rome.

After Satan used Hitler in an effort to exterminate the Jewish people, Israel was reborn as a nation and scripture states it will never cease to be a nation.

Israel has been reborn as a nation physically but spiritually they are far from God. Israel will also be reborn spiritually when they finally come to realize that Christ is the Messiah.

Christ will not return to Earth until Israel, as a nation, cries out for Him. Israel is at the center of end time prophecy as Israel is destined to become the capitol of planet Earth.

Soon God will be focusing on the nation of Israel rather than the church which means the church has to make an exit from the scene. I believe that exit will occur with the Rapture of the church which many Christians think is a fairy tale.

Right now, Israel is poised to make a strike on Iran to take out their nuclear weapons. If this happens, the Muslim world will be outraged and will want to retaliate.

This will probably be the beginning of the coalition between Russia and the Muslim countries which attack Israel sometime in the future according to Ezekiel 38 and 39. This is when God destroys 85% of those armies supernaturally. This is also when the world is given notice by God that He exists. This is when God shows the Muslim world that Allah is not Christ.

An amazing thing happened on January 15th of this year. Part of the Eastern Hemisphere experienced a solar eclipse. Remember Jesus said when His return was close there would be signs in the heavens. This eclipse did something that no other recorded eclipse has ever done. It flashed the star of David and there is a link to a video clip at the end of this message so you can see it for yourself.

Is this symbol God's way of alerting us that He is about to deal with Israel again? If so, then the Rapture of the church is very close. If so, then we can look for major news events happening in Israel. If so, we may even see Ezekiel 38 and 39 fulfilled because no one is sure of the timing of that Russia led attack on Israel.

Take a look at the video. Every Christian should be awed by this.

Eclipse Video

Copyright 2010 by Gary Goodworth

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