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Sight Unseen, Issue #023 How Old Is Man?
July 15, 2004
Welcome to Issue #22


Instead of focusing on one topic this issue, I've decided to rant a little about different things that just seem to get under my skin.

Next week, I will begin leading a bible study at a retirement home in our community. This should prove to be challenging as well as rewarding.

Last year, 5 million people contracted the HIV virus...the most new cases in any given year ever. It's amazing that we know why this virus spreads but don't do anything to prevent it. It's pretty simple...if you play with God's laws you pay.

In another story I read, a 34 year old woman in China was beaten to death for handing out Bibles. Isn't it strange that the media harps and harps on the "injustice" of the Iraq war (I'm beginning to believe the modern day myth that the media is controlled by blondes.) but doesn't say a thing about people being murdered or tortured for just having a Bible?

Headline: Evangelicals form network to support gay and lesbian Christians. There's no such thing as a gay or lesbian Christian.

----------Religion: Good or Evil?-------

The religious people of Jesus's day were the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were supposed to be the spiritual leaders of the day but instead they used the laws of God and made up many of their own with the ultimate goal of serving themselves. Jesus called them hypocrites, liars, snakes, dogs, and vipers.

Are the denominations of today any different than the Pharisees and Sadducees? Like the religious (but not really spiritual) people of Jesus's day, the denominational leaders of today's churches are a self-righteous lot who are unable to see the beams in their eyes. What are some of the things taking place within denominations that are clear violations of God's Holy Word?

Performing same sex marriages comes to mind. There is a great battle within the church (denominations) over this. If these so-called Christian churches really used the Bible as the ultimate authority over their decisions, then this issue would have never got off the ground.

Many churches are anti-Jewish (some obviously and others more subtly). During the last general assembly of the Presbyterian Church, the assembly renounced a theology known as "Christian Zionism," which calls for unswerving support for the state of Israel, believing it has a role to play in biblical prophecies related to the end of the world. Imagine, a church renouncing Israel, the birthplace of their Savior.

The fact of the matter is that religion is evil. It comes from Satan because all of mankind has a desire to worship something and Satan is doing everything he can to divert people from having a relationship with Christ. Many people think by attending church that's all they need to do but their hearts are far from God. They have a form of Godliness but are denying God's power. It has been said many times: True Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship.

---------How Old Is Man?---------

We know through simple mathematical studies that homo sapien (man) has been on earth for about 6,000 years. That is if we trace our ancestral lineage back to Adam (whom the Bible says was the first man). Evolutionists claim that we descended from cavemen and apes. I do remember reading an article that showed that the DNA of a Cro-Magnon man was different than a homo sapien. Thus, a Cro Magnon man was a completely different species.

This excerpt from an article from on why people cheat had this to say:

"Why? Because this drive has been present in human behavior for millions of years. Whereas the emotional monogamous need has only been around for a few thousand years, obviously a few thousand years of emotional needs will not overcome millions of years of one's evolutionary sexual drive."

Funny how sinful behavior (adultery and fornication) is rationalized by claiming the sex drive in men and women has been around so long that it is so ingrained in us that it is just perfectly natural for us to fool around sexually. The fact is that we have a sex drive because God put it there so we would multiply and replenish the earth. The fooling around comes from our own selfish lusts.

Evolution is just a big crock that is full of impossibilities. It is much easier for sinful man to believe he was evolved than it is to believe in God because there is no sin problem in evolution. That belief doesn't do anything to alter the reality of the situation.


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