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Sight Unseen, Issue #030 9 Satanic Statements
October 29, 2004


According to Christianity Today the Episcopal Church not only has ordained a homosexual bishop but now they are turning to pagan worship and honoring the "queen of heaven." The Epsicopal Church should change their name to "Pagans R Us".

Chris Crammer, 24, from Edinburgh, Scotland has become the first non commissioned officer in the British Royal Navy to be recognized as a Satanist by his commanding officer. He has been given permission to perform Satanic rituals aboard the HMS Cumberland. If he is killed in action, the Royal Navy has given permission to have his funeral carried out by the Church Of Satan. Source: World Net Daily News What does the pastor say at his funeral? Chris Crammer has achieved his lifelong dream of spending an eternity in hell?

-------The Nine Satanic Statements Pt. 1------

The Satanic Bible has nine satanic statements that make up the core beliefs of satanists. These statements were authored by Anton Lavey who founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco in the 1960's. Anton Lavey is now deceased and is now enjoying an up close and personal relationship with Satan himself. Hope he's having a good time.

Satanic Statement Number 1 - Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence! The ten commandments of the bible has several Thou Shall Nots in them. Among those is Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery. Let's say I have the hots for my neighbor's wife and she has the hots for me. From the Satanic point of view, there is nothing at all to prevent us from carrying out our lust for each other. After all, there is really no harm done right?

God tells us that if we commit adultery, there will be consequences. What could possibly happen if 2 people who are married just happen to bed someone else? First of all a divorce will result. The spouses and children will suffer from the emotional turmoil of being separated from a part of their family. The adulterous couple would most likely lose at least half of their possessions. Most adulterous males usually end up paying alimony and child support. An adulterous female loses the financial support of her husband. The children start developing emotional problems.

There is also the possibility of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Why would God give us a powerful sex drive then tell us to not commit adultery. Simply because He loves us and wants to protect us from ourselves. It is Satan's demonic forces that are whispering in your ear, "You know you want to..go a little" while thinking "I hope you catch a horrible disease and commit suicide so we can have some fun with you where we are".

Thou Shalt Not Kill. You know my boss said something to me last night that just really angered me. I'll make him pay for that. I'll put a rattlesnake in his car tonight and when he gets in his car in the morning, it's "Goodbye Boss!!" According to Anton Lavey, there is nothing wrong with this scenario. Indulge your hatred. What could possibly go wrong? How about life in prison ending up with a lethal injection?

Thou Shalt Not Steal. There are many websites on the Internet that are designed for one thing and that is to take your money. I remember a couple of years ago I was involved in a program called 1 Heluva. I invested in this program because a 150% return of investment was guaranteed by the owner. Although I did receive an initial return of investment, that guarantee proved to be as fraudulent as Milli Vanilli.

The owner of 1 Heluva stole from hundreds of people by using their own greed against them for his own gain. I remember reading about one man who had lost his job and invested all of his $38,000 savings into 1 Heluva. Was he harmed by another man's indulgence? How do you recover from that?

Satan represents indulgence. He indulged his desire to take God's place as ruler of the universe and became the most evil being in existence. Jesus practiced abstinence. He was a man with fleshly desires but was able to deny those lusts because He was empowered with the Holy Spirit. Jesus's abstinence from sin allowed Him to pay the penalty for all mankind's sin so all could receive eternal life. Satan's indulgence led to sin which ended up with Adam and Eve sinning and bringing the curse of death upon all mankind.

If you want a short life here and long life in perdition, just indulge yourself in whatever you feel like doing. If you want a long life here followed by an eternity of life then deny yourself and follow Christ.

Copyright 2004 by Gary Goodworth

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