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Satan Clause
December 14, 2007

A few montns ago my son brought home a new puppy - a mixed breed of part pit bull and part Labrador retriever. He named his new friend "Buddy". Perhaps he should have named it "Muhammad". But if he had, then our house would be in danger of being bombed by the Muslim world for showing disrespect to their prophet.

A British teacher in Sudan allowed her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammad". Gillian Gibbons was sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation for this heinous crime. Thousands of Sudanese rioted in the streets demanding that Gillian be executed.

Islam - a religion of peace? Hmmm.

I always thought when you named something after someone, it was a sign of respect. I guess that the Muslim world don't like the idea of their beloved prophet being likened to a cuddly teddy bear. That would ruin their image.

------Everthing Skit---------

This Chirstian Video had been viewed over 4000 million times on You Tube and God Tube. It has a very powerful message. You can view it here:

-------The Satan Clause------

Since it's Christmas I've decided to have a liitle fun while exposing some spiritual truths at the same time. I have heard some very funny routines concerning Santa Clause or is it Satan?

Santa is just another spelling of the word Satan. When I was growing up I fully expected Santa Claus to land on my roof and leave me lots of presents. I was so excited I could barely sleep. It was really hard for me to get up on school days but Christmas was a much different story. When I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, my Mom dropped the bombshell on me: There is no such thing as Santa Claus!

Well she was wrong! Santa may have been a lie but who is the father of lies but Satan himself! Satan had tricked my parents into deceiving me for years, the devious devil!

Notice that Santa always dresses in a red suit. I know what that means. It's symbolic of the fires of hell he comes from. Santa may seem to love you but he is always seeing red when he looks at you!

"Let's give these snotty little brats a gift or two and maybe they won't be bothered with thinking about the real reason for the season," thinks the red suited fat man. "Keep them occupied with worldly things and maybe they will die before they decide to accept the gift they need the most."

Satan danced with glee as he got the populace to protest the use of the word "Xmas". "How dare they take "Christ" out of "Christmas"! cried the people. Satan loves uneducated people. They are so easily fooled. Now they say "Happy Holidays" to cover all their bases. What fun!

If those idiots had studied history in class instead of daydreaming about their crush, they would have known X is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ - Xristos. The populace understood that Xmas meant "Chist's Mass". Now they think it's an insult to Christ! "Oh how I love twisting things around!" Satan cries as he danced over the flames.

Santa chuckles with delight every time he gets a Christmas wish list. "The little children are making their petitions known! They are praying to someone other than Christ!"

"They gotta be good little boys and girls or I won't answer their prayers. Those little brats will get their gifts no matter how they behave and when they grow up they think they can get into heaven by being good! Oh what fools they are!"

"How disappointed they will be when Jesus tells them there is no one good on earth, you are all sinners. How much more disappointed will they be when they learn they could have entered into heaven by simply accepting Christ's atonement for their sins. Then they will join me in hell when Christ tells them to depart from Him for He never knew them."

"Oh how I love Christmas!!"

Santa wants to know, "What do you want in your stocking this year?"

Merry Christmas!

--------Satan Clause Video-------

Copyright 2007 by Gary Goodworth

I listened to this last week. Many spiritual truths are contained in it.

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