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Some Questions
August 21, 2006

I did not know what to write about this week so I've decided to take a survey of my readership. Just hit reply to this message and answer the simple questions.

1. What is your favorite page at An Unseen World?

2. What subjects would you like to see an article or web page on?

3. Has anyone seen the new movie "Unidentified"? The theme of the this movie reflects what my beliefs are about the ufo phenomenon but I haven't seen it yet.

4. Is psychology a bogus science?

5. Is the United States a Christian nation?

6. Will Jesus return within the next 10 years?

7. What happened to the hurricanes?

8. Are demons real?

9. Since Israel is prophesied to rebuild their temple of worship, what happens to the Dome that is currently on the temple site?

10. Did you enjoy this survey?

Copyright 2006 by Gary Goodworth

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