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Ouija Board Story
June 18, 2007

-------Ouija Board Story-------

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Emily writes:

Me and my friends tried the Ouija board when we were in grade 9. We were all going through that stage when we were obsessed by the unknown and would do anything to get our hearts racing. We loved being scared!. So we did it one night in the tree house in my back yard. (Used a Ouija board for the first time.) My parents had no idea because they were fast asleep; we tried it at 3 am because 'apparently' it is the hour of the beast or something.

So the 5 of us sat around the board, followed the instructions and the first few times nothing happened because we had convinced ourselves that members of the group were moving it on purpose. But on the 6th attempt John asked the board to send us a sign that the power of the Ouija is real. We all had our fingers on the glass and it could have been my imagination but I felt that the glass had gone frosty on the inside and cold to the touch.

Everyone was quiet, for some reason and this was different because suddenly the fun had gone out of the whole thing. I felt dreadful and I took my hand off the glass. John also snatched his hand away. I just felt like crying and I suddenly felt inside that something bad was going to happen. We ended it there. A few days later me and John were walking and he told me how the glass had felt so hot to him that he had to take his hand off of it. He showed me two small blisters on his pointer and middle finger. I don't know what happened that night, but everyone felt forlorn after it, sort of the feeling you get when your pet has died. An unexplainable feeling of depression. I don't recommend the Ouija board to anyone.


There are probably many stories similar to Emily's. Ouija boards are either useless at best or a doorway to evil spirits at worst. Emily learned her lesson.

Copryright 2007 by Gary Goodworth and Emily.

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