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Barack Obama
May 09, 2009

-------Obama and Israel------

When our country elected Barack Obama as our president, I strongly felt that this was the beginning of our nation's decline as one of the major world powers. That we elected a Muslim president in a country that was founded on Christian principles shows that our country no longer cares about Christian principles. Mr. Obama stands for the rights of the homosexual community and also is pro choice which means that killing unborn babies should be the choice of the mother. He shows that he cares nothing about Biblical principles and the fact that our country was so enthusiastic about getting him elected reflects how far the people have strayed from the foundation this country was founded upon.

True Christians are Israel's best friend and I use the word "true" here because churchianity has been an enemy of Israel for centuries. Obama is anti Israel because he is Muslim. When I saw the elaborate celebration our country had for Obama during his inauguration and all the support he had from singers, the media, and Hollywood types, I thought, "HItler was treated the same way." The Israelite people cannot understand why our country would elect a president who tries to make friends with our worst enemies and neither can I.

However, for students of Bible Prophecy, it comes as no surprise that the United States would become anti Israel. Zechariah 12:3 tells us that ALL nations will be gathered against Jerusalem and verse 9 tells us that God will seek to destroy all the nations who come up against Jerusalem. However, God does not totally annihilate the nations as Chapter 14 verse 16 tells us that the remnant of the nations that God did not destroy will go up to Jerusalem to worship the King of kings and Lord of Lords. We now know that the name of this King is Jesus Christ.

There are several prophetic books in the Old Testament that prophesy of an Earthly kingdom with Christ ruling from Jerusalem, yet there are denominations who teach that the only kingdom Christians will inherit is the one in heaven and we will never return to Earth. You would have to reject the word of God as it is written to arrive at this viewpoint.

It has always been God's intention that Israel would be set apart from the other nations and be an example to other nations so they could show what great blessings can be had by being obedient to God's laws and statutes. Israel has never lived up to that as they have always wanted to be like the other nations. It isn't any different today. Today they want to become a part of the European Union. God never intended for Israel to be like other nations. Israel just wants peace and they falsely believe if they become like the other nations they will have peace. What they fail to realize is that the other nations want no part of Israel. It is my guess that Obama is probably of the opinion that if Israel ceased to exist, then all these Mideast conflicts would stop and the world would finally be at peace

Israel has recognized that the United States has turned its back on them and they are looking to the EU for protection. What do they want to be protected from? It is the Arab nations that have made no secret they want Israel destroyed. I just read an article that reports about a 59 year old Palestinian man sentenced to hang to death for the very serious crime of "selling land to Jews".

In the Arab world, which is predominantly Muslim, church and state are not separated. If a country has a fatwa (religious decree) then it is law. Palestinians are forbidden by law to sell land or houses to Jews.

Sentencing a man to death for this seems barbaric, yet our country elected a president who is of the same religion as Muslim. As I have heard Hal Lindsey say many times, "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims." What was one of the first things Obama did as President of the U.S.? He shut down Guantanamo Bay and freed Muslim terrorists.

The United States electing a Muslim president, I believe, will eventually lead to the collapse of this country as we know it. Islam is not a religion of peace, it is a religion that promotes hatred and abuse of women.

Muslim men who abandon the religion of Islam or convert to another faith, can be put to death for "apostasy" unless they return to Islam within a specified period of time. Yet it is Christians are accused of promoting "hate crimes". If a Muslim man converts to Christianity, his family will disown him. You would never see a Christian "disown" a family member if that member became a Muslim or a Buddhist or some other religion.

The Bible tells us that all religions would become one as the whole world will worship the Antichrist. This can mean only 1 of 2 things. The rules of Islam will have to adapt to change or the Muslim world will be utterly destroyed. Time will tell how this will play out and the fact that we have a Muslim president does not bode well for the future of the United States.

Copyright 2009 by Gary Goodworth

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