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Tales From The Ouija Board
January 31, 2008


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-------Tales From The Ouija Board-------

Here are some submissions I have received from my Ouija Board page. Keep in mind that I have no way of verifying the validity of these tales. This means the evernts really happened or the events are made up. I'll let you be the judge. Others are just nonsense.

Cliffe writes: "Once I drew up a board with all the letters and numbers on some paper and put a shot glass on it. Whether I made a ring of salt around it I can't remember. But before I even touched the thing I could hear a heavy breathing sound that scared the hell out of me. Not only that but I saw, outside my window on the fence, about 5 or 6 black crows looking through the window into my room. I quickly screwed up the board and disposed of it, but I forget how I got rid of it whether it was by burning, soaking and ripping, burying et cetera. The breathing followed me around for a while after that. Whether it was my imagination or not I wasn't really sure but I was really terrified and I am now convinced that there are no ghosts using the Ouija only demons, however I haven't started going to church because I didn't want to be embarrassed. Having any form or religion in this town is pretty much frowned upon."

Chandra writes: "i wish i never played the ouija board....i got possesed by a demon named ed wich he said was short for evil demon....he new my cousin died before me and told me....i have to have him prayed out and he sais he will try and kill me before then...he decieved the beginning he told me he love me and we were soul i have to fight off the urge to stab myself or shoot myself in the head because he controlls my feelings bf saw him in me and now hes afraid ed might hurt me or him but through my body.....i cry all the time because he hurts me....when he talks and i realise its not me he sais welcome home chandra your still here....when hes talking through me he claims im sleeping and when he wants to take over more he will tell me dont you need a nap.....before i fall asleep at night he tells gonna take something from you tonight but you wont know wat it is.....he has caused my children to go live with there grandma.....he really hates me so much but he hates my bf more....i feel the powerful hate he has for him and i cant even look at him because i feel ed staring at him through my eyes....i really need help before he kills me....if i dont drowned in my tears first.....please dont think im crazy....he new things about ppl even i didnt know.....can someone help me get rid of ed this evil demon....."

Carl writes: "When I was younger I used them with friends, but was scared of them. There was several times where it would spell things out that we would not understand for our young ages. What I never understood was how the marker would stop DIRECTLY over every letter and number. I've contacted several spirits, and also would not recommend them!"

James writes: "I been on the Ouija Board before and every time I get on it satan's up there and he told me I was his "right arm man", what does this mean?!?!?!"

Ems writes: "I know you only want stories here, but I have a question...:-) In the article above you mentioned how the ouijja board does not work while the participants are blindfolded. Could this have anything to do with the saying 'The eyes are the windows to the soul?'"

Ems writes: "Me and my friends tried the Ouija board when we were in grade 9. We were all going through that stage when we were obsessed by the unknown and would do anything to get our hearts racing. W eloved being scared!. So we did it one night in the tree house in my back yard. My parents had no idea because they were fast asleep; we tried it at 3 am because 'apparently' it is the hour of the beast or something. So the 5 of us sat around the board, followed the instructions and the first few times nothing happened because we had convinced ourselves that memebers of the group were moving it on purpose. But on the 6th attempt John asked the board send us a sign that the power of the Ouija is real. We all had our fingers on the glass and it could have been my imagination but i felt that the glass has gone frosty on the inside and cold to the touch. Everyone was quiet, for some reason and this was different because suddenly the fun had gone out of the whole thing. I felt dreadful and I took my hand off the glass. John also snatched his hand away. I just felt like crying and I suddenly felt inside that something bad was going to happen. We ended it there. A few days later me and john were walking and he told me how the glass had felt so hot to him that he had to take his hand off of it. He showed me two small blisters on his pointer and middle finger. I don't know what happened that night, but everyone felt forlorn after it, sort of the feeling you get when your pet has died. An unexplainable feeling of depression. I don't reccomend the Ouija board to anyone."

Copyright 2008 by Gary Goodworth

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