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The Legend of The Bell Witch
March 23, 2009

-------The Legend of The Bell Witch-------

The story of the Bell family haunting is a true horror classic and it is made even more scarier by the fact that it is supposed to be true. I even devoted a webpage to this subject. The Bell Witch.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit the town of Adams, TN and the Adams Antique Mall. Adams is the town in which the Bell Witch haunting supposedly took place. However, back in 1817 when the haunting began, the town was known as Red River.

The Adams Antique Mall is run by Tim R. Henson who also happens to be the town Historian. The Adams Antique Mall used to be the old Bell High School and it also serves as the area's historical museum. It even has a restaurant in it which I had the good fortune to have a meal in. There is nothing like a Fried Oreo Sundae. The most interesting item on display is the old Bell log cabin which was, according to Tim R. Henson, the same building in which the haunting took least Tim thinks it is.

Adams has a population of 500 so there is not much tourism there except during Halloween and in the summer months when the Bell Witch Cave is open to the public. Accompanying me on this trip was my 76 yr old mother and my brother. Due to the total lack of other visitors in the shop, we had the opportunity to hear Tim talk at length about the area's history. Tim had just finished working with A & E on a special called the Legend of the Bell Witch. This has yet to be aired on public tv. My brother bought the DVD and Tim is in it giving some details of the story. Tim also worked as a consultant on the movie "An American Haunting" which was based on the Bell Witch story.

There is a story that Andrew Jackson would rather deal with the army he was fighting against than the Bell Witch. Research confirms that Andrew Jackson had many business dealings in Adams and it was not too far from his home in Nashville called the Hermitage. So it is very possible this story could be true.

One item of interest that is never pointed out in any story but the records are there. The Bell family owned slaves so these same slaves would have been witness to the events that occurred on the Bell farm.

All in all, an interesting trip.

-------Current Events With Prophetic Implications------

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." Jesus said that night is coming to this planet and no Christian will have the freedom to proclaim the gospel. The things I write about in my newsletter and website will one day become illegal. We are seeing shadows of the coming darkness in today's world.

The latest American Religious Identification Survey, which Trinity College published last week, shows that the number of non-religious Americans has nearly doubled since 1990, while the number of people who specifically self-identify as atheists or agnostics has more than tripled. An astonishing 30% of married Americans weren't wed in religious ceremonies, and 27% don't expect to have religious funerals. Source -

American is falling into the same state of spiritual decay as Europe. It is getting very difficult for churches to compete with the media and entertainment. The result is that churches stop preaching the word of God and start hosting events such as screening movies and hosting concerts. These activities are fine but they should never push the proclaiming of God's word out of the way. The preaching of God's word should always come first but in many churches it is set aside for secular activities. You can see the darkness creeping in.

The Obama administration announced March 18 its support for a United Nations declaration urging the global decriminalization of homosexuality three months after the Bush administration refused to endorse it. Source -

Although there is nothing natural about homosexuality and God calls it an abomination in His sight, this "lifestyle" is being shoved down our throats. According to the media, being gay is okay and if you are not gay, then there is something wrong with you. Heaven forbid that you should ever speak out against it. We saw what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah because they thought being gay was okay. This is another sign that this world is getting darker and darker.


This could very well happen but I don't put much stock into extra biblical revelations. The Holy Bible is a finished work and prophecy is finished. If a vision cannot be found in the scriptures, then I just ignore it altogether. As a pastor, it is David's job to proclaim the gospel, not try to scare the world. A simple reading of the book of Revelation shows that many great calamities are coming and they come because the world has rejected God and thus plunging the world into spiritual darkness.

Yes, David, a great calamity is coming but we are not to waste our time laying in store a 30 day supply of toiletries and food. We got that foolishness with the Y2K scare. We are to proclaim the gospel and trust God to supply our needs.

If we do that, everything else will fall into place.

Copyright 2009 by Gary Goodworth

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