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May 15, 2006

-------A Haunting-------

I lived in Portland, ME for several years. It was a good time of my life. Spent most of my life free, single, no family time searching for deep truth. It was one of the greatest spiritual times of my life.

I used to backpack in the White Mts. of NH frequently for several days. Sometimes with friends, but mostly alone. On one occasion, I had just finished a 4 day back-country hike up and around Tuckerman's Ravine. On my last day I made my way down to the Main Ranger station, showered, locked my pack and some other stuff up, and went down the road away from the station.

I walked about 3/4 mile down road and came upon an old logging road. It was strangely calling me, daring me to see where it led. I've been up many old logging roads from Maine, to PA, to WY, Alaska, CO, WV, WA.... yet never experienced the feeling of isolation from nature I felt going up this one.

First 1/8th mile the trees grew thick and dark - I felt as though I was being followed or watched. I moved up the old cutout undaunted by my gut feeling to go back. I slowly moved forward. Strange sounds rustled across the trees, not wind, not chimes, more like a respiratory sound. The trees seemed to be breathing. I started getting pretty spooked: 1) I'm not a BS'er 2) I've backpacked by myself in places much more removed from civilization than this old logging road less than a mile from a ranger station, yet in my heart I knew something was not right.

I decided to make one more turn - see if there were any hikers around. I eased my way around a turn into what I can best describe as a natural Cathedral, or primitive place of worship immersed in the most cold, and evil presence I've felt to this day. My body became frigid, like I had just walked in front of an old train tunnel on a blazing summer day, or felt the chill of a water drenched forest cave.

My hair stood up on end (arms, legs, hair), and I felt I was in the presence of something very evil - I knew there was something more there than just a bad vibe. I had an unshakable image of a woman who appeared to be Native American in my mind and she was furious. My hair stood up on my neck, and it dawned on me - something went down here - the presence of an angry energy was growing. I truly believe that I accidentally walked to a site where people may have been killed years ago. If not killed, someone met a horrible fate there - it's unresolved. Period. The image in my head won't leave easily.

Woman's face, not clear features, but undoubtedly VERY angry. White garment with rust ring below neck. The worst - hair suspended and flowing like she was underwater. Long story, very real, if anyone has experienced an encounter like this in the White Mt's of NH, please let me know. It was as real as real gets.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction. If I want to be wise, then I must first acknowledge that there is a God. Scripture clearly teaches that those who reject God and his teachings are fools.

Many people try to explain the existence of ghosts as the spirits of people who have died before but the wisdom of scripture paints a different picture. That is the goal of An Unseen World: to look at the unexplained based on what the Bible teaches us about life. In fact, I think it is the wisest way to approach unexplained phenomena.

Wisdom is available to all who will seek it. Wisdom is personified and found in Jesus Christ who is, in fact, God. The wisdom of God dispels man-made myths and beliefs.

God helps those who help themselves. What verse is that? I believe it is the book of Joseph Chapter 16 verse 4. What? You can't find the book of Joseph? Neither can you find the invented verse that many believe to be taken from scripture.

Man says we evolved over millions of years. Scriptures says God created us and His creation is evidence of God's existence. Scripture says those who reject the clear teaching of God and accept man-made teachings are fools. We have the scriptures that cry out to us, "Here is wisdom. I offer it freely. It will pay huge dividends for all of eternity. Please accept it." Yet most people say no thanks I am already wise and do not need you. By doing this, they proclaim to the world that they are fools.

Have a question about something? Not sure if what that preacher claims or church teaches is true or not? Turn to the scriptures yourself and God will give you wisdom. It can't be found anywhere else.

Copyright 2006 by Gary Goodworth

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