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Demon Encounter
September 18, 2006


Nelson Torres writes: First and most importantly I want to thank God almighty for helping me find your website and secondly I want to thank you for all the information you write concerning the word of God. I recently wrote an article which I submitted to this website concerning a close encounter with three demons when I was just a young now 46 years of age. Soon I will purchase a sitebuilt it website...thanks to you a MILLION times.

Nelson's story is below.

-------Demon Encounter-------

Nothing in this whole world is much more scary than for a human being to visually see the presence of a demon. People have a misconception, misunderstanding, or are greatly ignorant concerning the spiritual world. Demons have EXTREME power and great knowledge and wisdom. A demon can transform itself into anything they wish and can also do much more harm then any man can ever imagine. Darkness is their kingdom. Regardless of whatever you have read, seen or heard before about ghosts ...they are all demons. A demon can transform itself into an animal, and this is exactly what you are about to read here. The following is a true story and not an act of imagination or fantasy.

My name is Nelson E. Torres, born in Ponce, Puerto Rico in the year 1960 to wonderful parents named Barbara and Santiago. We were five brother's and no sisters. My mother was my mother and father because I never knew my father due to him abandoning us when we were still babies. I was only nine years of age when I saw what took place right in the living room. We were living in Brooklyn, New York. It was summertime and me, my mother and brothers were in the bedroom watching TV. It was about 11:00 PM when out of nowhere we all heard some strange noise coming from the living room. What I personally heard was some scratching and wind blowing. I asked my mother if she was also hearing what I was hearing and she said...yes! I told my mother for all of us to go and check to see where that noise was coming from.

As we all got up and started walking towards the living room, we had to walk through a long hall. As I got close to the door way leading to the hallway, I saw a GIANT King Cobra coming out from under neath the bed through where we all had to pass by. Now, this Giant King Cobra was not by any means of normal size nor was it a living creature, yet it was as real as it gets. The size of its head was as large as a pit-bull dog and its body was as big as a large watermelon. But something else was even more scary than its shape and that was fire coming out from its eyes as it opened wide its mouth and I saw its fangs. When my mother saw this huge beast, she started praying in the name of God. As my mother was praying, I saw the beast starting to crawl back from where it came at a very slow pace until it eventually disappeared completely. Then my mother told us all to follow her and, even though we all were extremely scared, we did follow her to the living room.

When we all got to the living room that's when all hell broke loose. Me, my mother and brothers were seeing a huge black shadow with wings wide spread flying all over the ceiling and walls. As I can remember, what we saw was a bird from the days of the dinosaur's time. This so called bird was flying in a violent motion. My mother again started praying and, as she was praying and mentioning the name of God, the bird just flew out the window at super high speed. But then something else much more frightening than both of the things we just saw put together started happening.

I was the first one to notice something black and hairy coming up from outside the window and told my mother to look. We all started looking as the beast was showing more and more of its face until it showed itself completely. It was a huge gorilla! Then again, this was no ordinary gorilla due to its over size face, head and body. The eyes of the gorilla was looking in to the living room from the outside of the window at chest high level. But I noticed that this beast was looking around like it was searching for one of us. The gorilla was looking for my oldest brother. When it caught my brother's eye, my brother made the greatest mistake of staring directly into the eyes of the beast. My mother always knew what that was...a demon. As my brother kept looking into the eyes of the beast, the beast was spiritually pulling my brother closer and closer to him through direct eye contact. My mother told my brother NOT to look at the beast and she started to pray again but this time with much more faith and power always mentioning the ONLY powerful name of God almighty. But as my mother was praying to God, I can still see my brother walking against his will towards the window and my mother held him back as she continued praying to God.

I deeply know that God (Jesus Christ) was with us all in that very moment because without God's love, blessings and protection,my brother would have taken his own life by jumping out the window as the beast wanted. What was all this? Witchcraft! And its called...Black Magic! What my mother did not know, because my brother never told her, was that he had or was having an intimate relationship with a homosexual that lived across the street from us and who practiced Black Magic. This individual was in love with my brother but it looks like my brother wanted nothing to do with him any more. So this individual wanted to have my brother killed...through a satanic spell and believe me when I tell you was really working. Do Satan and demons really exist? Yes they do! And they are as real as me and you and even though we can not see them unless otherwise its through witchcraft spells, they are all around us. Demons are super powerful entities and they should under no circumstances be taken for granted. Demons are NOT friendly even though they can at times act friendly just and ONLY to get what they want. The ONLY name that can and will at all times control, depart and make vanish a demon is the name...Jesus Christ. No other name or word in this world can ever make a demon stop right on its track than by simply praying in the name of Jesus Christ. Even by simply mentioning the holy and almighty name of Jesus Christ all demons tremble in fear. That's how powerful is the name of the creator of this universe. I want to say something to the world. To all those that are somewhat curious or are associated with or practicing any type of witchcraft, Satan and his demons will one day give you a visit. Stay as far away from all that junk and from people that do believe on that.

Copyright 2006 by Nelson Torres

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