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February 13, 2007


Here is my take on world events in the month of February 2007.

Global Warming - The bible and solid scientific data both say that global warming is a myth. The bible says, ""While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Winter and summer, And day and night Shall not cease." . Gen.8:22

Scientists debate on the validity of global warming but the fact is there are no long term studies to prove this theory.

New York and Colorado have experienced record snowfalls so global warming certainly hasn't canceled winter.

Weather Exrtemes - The weather is greatly influenced by the ocean and the bible does say the "sea and the waves roaring". We will continue to see extreme weather conditions on a more and more frequent basis. In the past 7 days: earthquake rattles Cuba, floods kill 29 in Mozambique, Tokyo has its longest snowless winter ever, tornado kills 1 as it rips through New Orleans, and Mexico New York gets its largest snowfall ever.

The media wants to blame this on "global warming" but that is just a spin. You will never hear them say Jesus is about to return so we should not be surprised to see the weather getting really freaky.

Persecution - Christians are the most persecuted people on the planet. There have been more Christian martyrs in the last century than the rest of history combined. The World News reports, "North Korea is the Number 1 persecutor of Christians. One incident involved a woman and her grandmother who were washing clothes when a New Testament fell out of the woman's clothing. Both she and her grandmother were executed for that offense. "

Two men, who handed out Bibles for the Gideon society, were arrested in Florida on Feb. 8, 2007. What was their crime? They were giving away Bibles on a public sidewalk. This is not a crime. They were charged with trespassing on school property. They were not on the school property.

In the Islamic countries, you can read of a killing or beating of a Christian every week.

Anna Nicole Smith - A beautiful blonde ex Playboy model found dead in her hotel at the age of 39. She was very rich and lived a loose and immoral lifestyle which included the use of alcohol and drugs. So where is she now? There is no indication that she had faith in Jesus Christ. This reminds me of the verse, "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? " Mark 8:36

The pleasures of the flesh always leads to death, both physical and spiritual. I can only feel sad for Anna Nicole Smith.

Copyright 2007 by Gary Goodworth

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