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When Will Christ Return?
February 27, 2007


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has changed its church guidelines because they have an Atlanta pastor, Bradley Schmeling, who is openly practicing homosexuality. In related news, taken from

Author Tim Fleming Offers New Version of the Bible for the Gay Community

This is a new version of the Holy Bible that includes the New Testament, along with a new book entitled God's New Law, which was introduced in the year 2000. This book contains testimony of prophecy fulfilled, prophecy to be, and the decommissioning of traditional religion so that God may dwell with all those who believe. God's New Law is meant to be the last book of the Bible and to herald the birth of God's religion without doctrine.

Starting with the witnessing of Christ, the author, Tim Fleming, claims that, in the year 2000, God tested one of his begotten and realized the value of forgiving those who are willing to forgive, and He has therefore offered salvation to the homosexual community for the sacrifices they have made through mental anguish.

Fleming acknowledges that no man is to add to the book of life but the Father, but that God heard the cry for help from the submissive, and sent another son and prophet to lead the gay community to freedom. Fleming contends this new Bible contains scripture that has been prescribed by God, and that, while the Bible has been validated through the generations, only now does man have the chaperone of the Father in Heaven to add new testimony to its pages.

The first book of God's New Law, "The Journal," is a description of the re-creation of man beyond Revelations that attempts to illustrate what the enlightened students of God's kingdoms prescribe. The second book, "The Victory," describes how an act of vengeance by the Father's left hand delivers poetic justice to those who did not heed his warning to forgive thy neighbor. The third book, "Peace through Suffering," is a testament purportedly written by the Father in Heaven and one of his adopted. Leaving the last book entitled the "The Journey" offering to lead mankind away from serving doctrine into living in the spirit with God and his kingdom.

My take:

The Laodicean church of Revelation is an apostate church. It makes the rules to suit the people rather than to suit God. Allowing homosexuality to be accepted as normal is directly opposed to the Bible's clear teaching that homosexuality is an abomination to God. Revelation also warns the world to not add anything to the Holy Bible. Tim Fleming has done this.

I also read an article about a 17-year old German girl being arrested and placed in a mental hospital because she had "school phobia". She was being home schooled. The German government has no sympathy for Christian families who want to home-school their children. Home schooling has been illegal in that country ever since it was banned by Nazi leader and dictator Adolph Hitler.

Why do governments hate home schooling? They don't want their people to have their own ideas. Why do you think prayer and bible study has been banned in the school system of the United States? They would rather teach lies than truth. No government can be trusted because they are all controlled by Satan, who is the ruler of this present age.

--------When Will Christ Return?-------

I've studied prophecy for a few years now and I hear and read over and over again that we are "living in the end times" and "Christ's return is near". We are told in scripture, "Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect." Luke 12:40

Scripture tells us that Christ will return when the world is not expecting Him. I believe this can be taken a step further and say Christ will come when the "church" least expects it. In the year 2000, the church and the world had Millennial fever. We were expecting something dramatic to happen in the year 2000 that would affect the whole world. Many thought the world's computer systems would crash causing worldwide havoc. Many others thought this is the year Christ comes back. Nothing happened.

People began to lose interest in Bible Prophecy. Most churches shy away from the subject of prophecy. A fourth of the Holy Bible deals with prophecy, which means pastors should have at least one sermon a month discussing it. Yet most pastors never ever preach on it.

In 1987, Lester Sumrall wrote a book called I Predict 2000 A.D. His book predicted Jesus would return in the year 2000. He also predicted that Jerusalem would be the greatest and richest city on earth by the year 2000. His problem was not the subject matter but date setting. Edgar C. Whisenant wrote a book called 88 Reasons Why The Rapture Will Occur in 1988. Since it is the year 2007, we know that book was wrong about the date.

Will Christ call His church home this year? He might and He might not. We can know that the return of Christ is near because He said, "Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near." Luke 21:28

Jesus had talked about signs that will precede His return but the term "near" from God's point of view might be a hundred years or so. We have been living in the "last days" since the Church was born. However, Israel has not always been a nation during that time so we can know that we are much closer to the return of Christ since Israel is now a nation, which fulfills several prophecies of the Bible.

The fact is that God admonishes us to be ready for Him at all times even though He may not return to earth today, you and I could leave it in a moment. Death comes to us all and can come at any time. If you have accepted the gift of pardon that Christ offers you, then you will always be ready for death or His coming. If you have not accepted His pardon, then when death or Christ comes, you have no hope and will be forever separated from God.

Does that mean we should not keep up with current events? Certainly not because current events are setting the stage for Bible Prophecies to be fulfilled.

Because of current technology, we know that the Mark of the Beast can be implemented now. This was not possible with previous generations. A United Europe is the Revived Roman Empire of the Bible Prophecy. Knowledge increases every year by leaps and bounds. We can see that fulfillment of Bible Prophecy has been set in motion so we know we could very well be the generation that sees the return of Christ, but we cannot say it will be this year or next year or 2012 because we don't know.

The only thing required of us is to be ready.

Copyright 2007 by Gary Goodworth

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