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Blood Moons
June 17, 2014

-------Blood Moons-------

Recently pastor John Hagee wrote a book called Four Blood Moons Something is About To Change. In his book, Hagee proposes that the four lunar eclipses that will occur in the years 2014-2015 portend some word changing event concerning the nation of Israel. Mark Blitz is another pastor who strongly supports this idea and where John Hagee got his inspiration from.

What is a blood moon? It is simply a total lunar eclipse. It gets the nickname "blood moon" because the sun's rays, as they pass around the earth when the earth comes between the sun and the moon, give the moon a reddish orange appearance when the moon is emerging from the eclipse. Interestingly, scientists have never referred to the eclipses as "blood moons" but simply as lunar eclipses. "Blood moons" just sounds so much more dramatic and will sell books.

Four total lunar eclipses in a row is called a lunar tetrad. What is so significant about the four total lunar eclipses that have occurred and will occur in 2014-2015 is that they take place on Jewish feast days. We already had one lunar eclipse in 2014. It occurred on April 14-15 which was during the Jewish feast of Passover. Another total lunar eclipse is scheduled to appear October 7-8 which happens to coincide with the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles. Total lunar eclipses or "blood moons" occur on the same two Jewish feast days in the year 2015.

What are the odds of four total lunar eclipses in a row happening on a Jewish feast day? In 21 centuries of history after Christ this has happened seven times and the upcoming line up of total lunar eclipses will make the event number eight.

John Hagee and Mark Blitz point to scriptures such as Genesis 1:14 "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:" to support their theory. My question is this: Is there really any truth to this? Do these eclipses point to some major world changing event involving Israel?

Is a lunar eclipse occurring on a Jewish feast day rare? Consider the fact the Jewish calendar is based on lunar days and not on solar days. The Feast of Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot always begin on the first full moon of that month. A total lunar eclipse happening on a Jewish feast day would not be unusual at all. It is a bit ironic that of the four total eclipses that coincide with a Jewish feast day in 2014-2015, only the last one is visible from Israel.

We know from studying Bible prophecy that Israel will be at the center of future world shaking events. We do not need "blood moons" to understand this fact. In fact the last two lunar tetrads that occurred on Jewish feast days happened just after world shaking events involving Israel occurred. Israel became a nation in 1948. The lunar tetrad occurred in 1949-1950 which was just after not before Israel became a nation. Israel captured Jerusalem in 1967 which was another world shaking event involving Israel and the lunar tetrads occurred in 1967-1968 just after the event.

Based on the history of "blood moons" coinciding with Jewish feast days, it would lead you to the idea that they occur just after a major event involving the nation of Israel had occurred but nothing major and world shaking has occurred since 1967 involving the nation of Israel. My feeling is that total lunar eclipses and when they occur have no real meaning at all.

Any good student of Biblical prophecy knows Israel will be at the center of world shaking events in the near future. Lunar eclipses have no relationship to these events.

We know that Israel will make a pact with the devil (the Antichrist) bringing that nation the long sought after peace they have been seeking since they became a nation in 1948. Israel is so tired of world wide antisemitism they would do just about anything to be able to walk down the street without fear of a rocket being launched into town or a suicide bomber blowing up a bus full of passengers. Prophetic scripture really does state that Israel will bow to the son of Satan, the Antichrist.

Addressing the nation of Israel in John Chapter 5 verse 3, Jesus said, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive."

The book of Daniel states the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with Israel for seven years allowing Israel to live safely without walls until the Antichrist breaks this covenant and launches an all out effort to destroy Israel. This holocaust will make the Jewish holocaust of WWII seem like a picnic.

Since this Antichrist causes the "sacrifice and oblation to cease" (Dan 9:27) a Jewish temple must be rebuilt. You cannot offer temple sacrifices if you don't have a temple. An Islamic Mosque currently occupies the space where the Jewish temple once stood.

Christ is also coming back to this Earth to set up His kingdom. The capital city of planet Earth will be Jerusalem. Before that happens, all nations turn against Israel.

Yes, Israel will be at the center of world changing and world shaking events in the near future. We simply do not know the exact times and dates.

Lunar eclipses have no bearing at all in this matter. This is just sensationalism which sells books but, in the long run, leaves people cynical and disillusioned. It is better to stick to what the word of God, the Bible, actually reveals and not add to it.

Copyrigh 2014 by Gary Goodworth

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