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These are the experiences visitors to this site have related concerning their haunted story. Obviously, some are just having fun with the idea and some are serious. My comments are in blue.

One day when i was in school and i went to go to the bathroom. When i went in in the stall I heard heavy breathing noises in the hall. Then when I came out of the bathroom the breathing stopped. When I returned to class I told my friend and she was like dont tell me this I am gettting freaked out and she said there's someone or something in the school that' coming to get someone and now we are afaid to go in the bathroom by ourselves cause we know its haunted. ---Alexis

That's some scary story, huh? This story is ridiculous and has nothing to do with Hauntings but you get the idea of the junk that I have to sort through to get to the more intriguing stories.

Joe writes: When I was about 12 I saw a shadow walk into my room and flash its golden empty eyes and then walk into a black portal looking thing-seriously.

Maybe he did and maybe he is making this up. Who knows?

When I was a small child, my brother and I shared the back bedroom. Quite frequently, in the middle of the night, something would grab my hair in and pull it and sometimes it would grab my feet. This went on until when we moved out of the house. And even then and until I was married, everything had to be tucked into the blankets at night before I would go to sleep. Consequently, at some point back there, my parents had that same bedroom, and my mom had an experience one night that really scared her. Something grabbed her side and held on for a moment or two. During the two-minute time span, my mom asked to see my dad's hands and he showed them to her, while the thing still was holding on to her. Since I have been grown, I've never experienced that type of thing since and I always ask the Lord to keep me safe from the spirit world before I go to sleep at night. ----Gloria

This story has a ring of truth to it because of the sincerity of the writer. Yes, there is a spirit world occupied by both angels and demons. This was probably some kind of demonic manifestation.

This has happened frequently throughout my knowledge of the past but there is a witness. Me and my step brother were playing pool and we heard footsteps in our kitchen and a chair move. I asked my step brother to make sure I wasn't losing my mind. "Did you hear that?" he nodded. My first reaction was to check to see if someone had broken in so I got my gun. I searched the house and checked all the doors. They were locked and nothing was stolen. There wasn't any sign of breakin. I have been led to believe that it was a supernatual experience. Before this happening I didn't believe in ghosts but I do now. I am a very close to the Lord so I picked up my rosery and prayed for the Virgin Mother to ask the Lord for his forgiveness. I suddenly felt stronger and no longer feared the noises. What could have the noises been?-----Chris

What are you doing praying to the Virgin Mary? She's not God.

These are responses to the question: What do you think Hauntings are? Some are opinions instead of a haunted story.

I believe hauntings are real. They { the dead} can really speak to us. I, myself, do not believe in god, or heaven and hell. I am an athiest so theories from religions do not appeal to me. I believe our "souls" are able to stay on Earth until our "souls" or whatever you want to call them are needed once again. Like with reincarnation.

What does the Bible teach? The dead cannot speak to us. There is a God and a heaven and a hell. It is only while we are living in these mortal bodies that we have any kind of control of our soul. There is no such thing as reincarnation.

It was 3 oclock in the morning my cousin was out at the club when we heard her screaming in the living room so i woke up and she was screaming and saying she was being attacked and being dragged down the stairs but when I looked there was no one there.

Sometimes the dead do not know they are dead or maybe they have unfinished businesses. Another possible reason for hauntings is because they are earth bound re living their deaths they need help to rest/be freed. Spirits could be very dangerous or harmless. Some play pranks, want people to know that they are around, etc.

Man makes up and believes in all kinds of nonsense to try explain the unexplained.

What Do You Think Hauntings Are?I believe that hauntings are deceptions of satan. It is another distraction that satan does to make people not believe the word of God or that there is no heaven or hell. Satan knows the same things as God knows about an individual. So he uses his demonic helpers (spirits;ghosts) to make people believe that they are talking to the dead or someone's loved one who died; (But satan is not more powerful then God!) Satan attacks ones beliefs in so many ways. This is just one of the tools of deception Satan uses. Nothing good comes out of these supposed hauntings except for fear or questionable thoughts. God does not impose any of this, the only person who has risen from the dead and presented himself in spirit form is Jesus the son of God and when Jesus died there was an ultimate testimony that prevailed from this. People are able to be saved! A demonic spirit or ghost can't do this!


What Do You Think Hauntings Are?Spirits of the dead stuck in this psychical world, I dont belive in a massive man making earth as if he was just playing with a train set, I believe God is a force of nature, the big bang created the entire universe as we know it. here for our creater is simply the universe, answer this, if it took sir god seven days to make earth, how lon did it take him to make the rest of the universe. all over the world theres different languages, whos to say that english is the only true language and the rest are faluse, like relegion, whos to say yours is right?, people created there god rather than there gods creating them. but the only part i can't understand is wut caused the big bang, nothing is inpossible take time to listin to scientists and you'll understand out origin, wen mankind began talking he had no explenation to were he came from, primitave and stupid man belived that a giant man put us here an so forth, as time went on man become more wise and intelligent, he discovered dinosaur bones now why did god make thoses things?? did he or was it all just evolution, name ten different breeds of cannibis, theres millions of strains, breeds and species of every living thing, the battle between the theory of evolution and god is simply the argument between accepting that we are insignificant beings in a void of infinity were inpossibbilty IS inposssable.

God says the things of God are foolishness to man and He makes wise men fools. I hope you enjoyed this haunted story page. There will be more as readers relate their haunted story in the future.

Copyright 2008 by Gary Goodworth

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