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I was sleeping over at a friends house and we were staying up late just chatting. She is a youth pastor at a local church. I am atheist and she knows this and we still remain close friends. Well, she has a 7 month old dog that is very calm and generally a quiet dog. He wakes up very suddenly and sharply, and gets a very low growl in the depth of his throat and looks quite directly at what we see as the wall. The dog barks in a very different,weird bark.

We are joking around telling the dog to shut up and then we realised that it wasn't funny and this dog was seeing something that we couldn't. I decide to make a joke to myself. I (in my head) making a personal joke of the situation beckon the "spirit" to come closer to us to prove it was real. I was tired and being stupid but whatever. The dog starts making noises like he's choking, and his body rocks back and forth. (I made no connection). My friend tenderly rubs his throat over and over and no improvement. She is quite scared and asked me if I minded if she prayed out loud. I said no (respecting her and showing I respected her religion). She finishes praying and the dog settles right down. He playfully chewed on a toy for a bit then tiredly went to bed. The menacing dog we had seen was once again gone and no longer followed someone/thing around the room with pinpoint eyes.

This story was submitted by "Sarah". She says she is an atheist but after this experience, I kind of doubt that she still is. Animals seem to sense things that we cannot...sometimes even if those things are not of this material world.

Vick writes: When i was about 21 I started studying the occult. I wanted to become a witch. The book I had told me to recite the Lords prayer backward. I could not bring myself to do this but one night as I opened my bedroom door I saw a hand beckoning me come. I shut the door as fast as I could and could not bring myself to go into that room, even though my infant daughter lay sleeping there. The man I lived with at the time told me that in his country they believed that if you mess with the occult you open a door to the spirits. I took all of my books back to the library and did not mess with that stuff again.

Vicki learned a valuable lesson here..not only was she messing with the world of the occult which the Bible strictly forbids, she was guilty of committing fornication because she was living with a man without being married. She obviously ended that relationship because she used the phrase "lived with at the time". Vicki also would have nothing to do with the occult afterward so she learned from her experience and that's what God intends for all of us...to learn and grow from our experiences.

Judy writes: I have something in my house that opens and shuts doors and turns things off and on and moves things. It's tried to communicate with me. Who can I get in touch with to find out about it? Please let me know.

Judy's experience is a little more frightening than most people's experience. She had a "Poltergeist" in her house. What amazes me about the people who experience this kind of phenomenon is that they always seek human help instead of seeking God's help. I personally don't believe that any human being knows much of anything about the spirit world except what is taught in the Bible. I advised this person to first pray for God's help before seeking human assistance. I don't know how this story ended or if it has.

Mary writes: When I was a kid, heard heavy footsteps walk across the floor of the upstairs rooms when no one was up there. This happened more than once and I was not the only one who heard these. It was very frightening. Once when it was just me and a friend of mine...we found ourselves running down the sidewalk and did not go back until my folks were home. I truly believe now that this was a demonic experience and if not for God Almighty's intervention in these past few years, this could have led me down a dead end road of sorrows and deceptions. I think Satan himself is a long term planner, who is always trying to outwit God. I believe God sits back and allows Satan's tactics and then at His time(GOD), and His purpose, He steps in, so as all things work together for the good, for those of us who choose to believe in Him.

When I was around 10 or 11 years old, I had a very similar experience with footsteps so I know exactly how Mary felt.

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