What is A Flying Snake?

The idea of a flying snake seems absurd as snakes have no wings. There is a species of snake that does appear to fly but it isn't actually flying it is jumping and gliding which is still amazing.

The scientific name for the flying snake is Chrysopelea. There are five species of flying snake. These snakes are mainly found in Southeast Asia and India.

I guess if you were walking in the jungle and happened to witness the snake "flying" from tree to tree, it would be quite a startling site.

It makes you wonder if the serpent who deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden was some sort of flying snake. The image below is the Ornata flying snake.

These snakes are slightly venomous but their venom is non toxic to humans. Below is a video of what looks like either the golden tree snake or the paradise tree snake.

These snakes actually climb up trees then crawl out on a limb then "jump" to a lower limb sometimes a great distance away. This gives the snake the appearance of flying but it is really jumping down.

There is not a lot of details known about the flying snake as they seem to live in the trees of the jungle which makes documenting their daily routines a difficult assignment.

Can this snake land on people as they descend? It is possible but my online search turned up no cases of it happening. However, research shows that these snakes are quite aggressive and have no qualms about biting people. Fortunately the bite will result mostly in pain as their bites do litlle harm to humans even though they are slightly venomous. It would be a different story if you were allergic to the venom.

Here is a National Geographic clip of a flying snake:

There is a website devoted to the flying snake called Flying Snake Dot Org.

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