The African Tiger Fish

The African Tiger Fish is sometimes called the "monster fish". The fish has stripes on its back resembling those of a tiger thus the name "tiger fish". It lives in the rivers and streams of central and north Africa thus the name African Tiger Fish.

Fishermen love to fish for this as it provides a great challenge to them. These fish are loaded with teeth as you can see in the photo below. They devour everything that gets in their way. These fish are probably more aggressive than tigers.

The African Tiger Fish can grow to sizes over 25 lbs but the most common size is anywhere from 3 to 8 lbs. It is not uncommon for fishermen who hook one of these to exclaim, "This is a monster!" The reason fishermen love to fish for these river predators is that they put up a great fight. They will attack and attack a fisherman's fly until they are hooked then they put up a long hard fight with aerial acrobatics and long hard runs.

One blog claimed that only one in ten of these fish were ever successfully brought to the boat once it was hooked.

This fish kind of looks like and acts like giant piranha. They do hunt in packs and their prey is mostly other fish. There are unverified reports of this fish attacking humans. I get the idea that swimming in any African river is not a good idea.

Does the fish make for a good fish fry? One blog said they taste like bream aka tilapia but is a lot more bonier. Instead of fish fillets, they made the African Tiger fish into fish nuggets.

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